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TOPIC: more important can beat

http://lancelhandbagsoutletsho​ more important can beat 11 months, 3 weeks ago #21060

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With humiliate,
Now then,, he seems to be already to escape from that to perplex him as the nightmare the phrase language of two a life times.Thought of this, the mind of Chen Yun cans not help some absentminded,
"We fight investigating of theological seminary to is divided into two links, the first link woulds be to test natural endowments, the natural endowments test is the most basal, however, a warrior contained still far far not enough natural endowments, more important can beat,, can beat is the true skill of a warrior,!So we the second link investigate of would be true war ability,
ebay sac lancel!"
That man swept an at present noodles, lightly say.
This middle age man's words say really actually quite good, with talent or the natural endowments is excellent, can not represent what, can explain your ability self-discipline, or say your self-discipline speed is opposite to have to be quick.
But, to a warrior,, can beat is the most important of, this can beat certainly is true war ability, if is empty the strong war having whole body annoy, but is to lack true war experience, can not come out real strenght exertion that the oneself is real, so this person can't have, either what Be.
Certainly, natural endowments and true war ability are all necessary, the natural endowments is foundation, compare to a foundation of house similar, but the true war ability is the framework, brick of house.
Simply being with talent, but hasing no true war ability or better true war ability so foundation forever just foundation, an one-storied house forever just an one-storied house isn't likely to construct a many-storied building;Together manage of and have no with talent, so, even if you have again strong true war ability, you also aren't likely to have much conduct and actions.
Be showed from this, natural endowments and true war ability are how important to a warrior.Particularly is the war absolute being that is in this strong mainland, the strong force not only is a kind of means that protects an oneself, but also is the symbol of position.
Real genius, not only own excellent even change.The natural endowments of Tai even has incomparable super strong combat ability, real of is livinged for combat of talented person.
The Chen Yun listens to inwardly nod under Taiwan.
" One pass natural endowments test,
Authentic Lancel, five etc. natural endowments the square can pass!"
Middle age man light tunnel.
"What!Five wait!"……
The middle age man's words' imitating a Buddha is similar , in a heavy bomb that cast away crowd, people of underneath immediately blasted open a pot.
Five wait!That is the self-discipline to probably arrive a war to believe in a rank another of,!War's believing in an another warrior of rank is to call up a superior of.
Although the natural endowments of five etc.s is nothing of and excellent, also quite good,, in fighting an absolute being mainland,, can have a really a lot of the person of this etc. natural endowments, if put these people in the war
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