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TOPIC: but the emperor resists the precious degree of the saint thing for granting to let public get a shock

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All engrave elegant pattern on haft and knife sheath, if the Yuan is an elegant art object.
"Xiao Mo is subjected to dead."The Mu permits horizontal knife of snow but signs.
"I am still that sentence, if die under your knife,, blames me to learn a skill Jing not, but if you lost, that you I of the gratitude and grudge of is all cancelled."The Xiao Mo sinks a voice to say.
The Mu permits snow beautiful such as the Qiao face of clear jade up, peep out one silk Ji the smiling face of the Feng, double lips tiny Qi, however the words haven't spoken, drive a burst of sharply shout to sing a voice to interrupt,
"The Imperial decree arrives, permanent stability county Wang Jie Zhi."A many Royal imperial envoys arrived to play Wu Chang,
"Son minister, the permanent stability connects an aim."The permanent stability county king leads numerous youths and kneels down to connect an aim together, as mowing wheat together brush of fall flop.
"The Mukden accepts a luck, emperor Zhao Yue, the permanent stability is wise good loyalty and filial piety, versed in literary and military arts,
lancel outlet online, grant Ma Ta to fly a Yan and gold to inset a jade bottle especially ……" is an old milk yellow door, holdses Imperial decree, loudly threaten, the emperor resists to grant of birthday present.
All of the youths that play Wu Chang are noble family pupils in the Hao doors, it may be said see more and know widely, usually the treasure thing is difficult to go into a method of eye, but the emperor resists the precious degree of the saint thing for granting to let public get a shock, let public met to have new understanding to the permanent stabilities county kings' spoilings.
The Chu country is founded a state with force, for excessive, not value, so reading out the Imperial decree didn't take too many time.
Old Huang Men hands over to the permanent stability county the right way Imperial decree"his majesty say to is your youth person's party this time, from Chien, the Xuan Zhi's rite everything's old Nu knows that Wang Ye has no in the main temple, but is playing Wu Chang Guan force,, from made the decision a piece to again declare an aim, also hope Wang Ye don't want to blame."
"The grandfather is the old man in the temple, looking at a kinglet to grow up of, the kinglet would not dare to blames,
lancel purses usa,"
Old Huang Men Ting to the permanent stability county king's words, compared to beat to appreciate 102 golds all happy, way"Wang Ye folded to kill old Nu,
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Being every can declare the yellow door of aim, is all temple in have the article the big eunuch with a job, have been not worth looking at to the gold and silver wealth and properties, they value more of is human feelings contacts,, and ownly and after death of matter,
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"The birthday dinner has been already opened, the kinglet accompanies the grandfather to have a little drink several cups, is returning to temple to reply an aim, good?"Permanent stability county Wang Wen Dao,
lancel 2013.
"Old Nu emperor the life is in the body, don't dare to drink alcohol without authorization, it is the eldest daughter that hears husband of princess and free and unfettered Hou to want to learn by exchanging views to compare force to pour, pour is have interest to observe and learn 12, return to say to dissipate sorrows with emperor and each empress in the temple."
Receive order Xuan Zhi of yellow bad, declare the aim completes, don't return to temple to report the result and on the contrary want to stay to watch Xiao Mo and Mu to permit snow to compare force, at the feeling in manage to all be unsuited to gift system, but the identity of Xiao Mo is special, have to shear to continuously manage a still disorderly relation with the Jiao female of the sky in the temple.
The old eunuch is again the confidant of emperor, also the ear eyes of emperor, he wants to observe Xiao Mo and Mu to permit snow to compare force and say to prohibit is also proceed from emperor
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