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TOPIC: the fierce wolf slowly closed to and came over for only a fierce wolf

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Chapter 40 target occupation player
Chapter 40 target occupation player
Take wound, take more maimed of heart, Wu Tian arrived at brushing of fierce wolf a little bit strange, just fight trace elephant be swept by the breeze similar, everywhere blood, ground corpse, also disappeared bloody smell drive delightfully fresh grass joss-stick to drown,, have no just of everything, probably those people have already forgotten, but these stay at Wu Tian's in the mind, just of shocking and unwilling, Wu Tian thinks oneself will a little abandon,
Lightly of from want bag in took out own weapon wolf tooth war blade, probably will ask why just he doesn't equip this weapon and which muscle does the male beat!The ordinary person didn't inebriate, bosom green jade its offense, if Wu Tian took thing to come out and estimated now ordered in the resurrection of new hand village,
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BE saying just and beating also just for an instant, Wu Tian even the reactions all too late ended, do you say that this weapon still needs to be equiped!
Immediately after from the belt in took out a plain wheat roll, Wu Tian threw to go out and waited for fierce wolf taking the bait, although Wu Tian in mind and very wants to vent now haven't arrived to give° the brain to burn to break dow, go up and this 300 situations that wolf list does.
The smell of plain wheat roll,
Buy Fitted Hats Caps, drew on the fierce wolf attention of distance not, look for smell, the fierce wolf slowly closed to and came over for only a fierce wolf, Wu Tian's in the mind is secretly happy, the effect like this is what Wu Tian wants most ,, is fierce to the plain wheat roll that the wolf discovered ground, blares of call 1, started to bite a plain wheat roll to eat.
Wu Tian in the part sees this wolf has been already taken the bait and have already thrown a plain wheat roll to go out, but the fierce wolf watches out for of the title looking at the direction that the plain wheat roll appears and walk up.
This is the desirable development of Wu Tian, want ~only so, that fierce wolf will escape from team, oneself had confidence to give° it to kill.Hear a more and more near path and pace,, smiling of Wu Tian Hei's Hey for a while, turn round and then ran.
Fierce wolf a listen to in have thing,
NFL Jerseys Outlet, the step immediately becomes to become big quickly and keep making track for Wu Tian but go, Wu Tian listens to the step of behind know that that silly wolf has been already taken the bait, stop down, turn round to looking at behind of fierce wolf.
Exuberant bush inside although the sunlight isn't very abundant, grass long of remain very exuberant, fierce wolf at the top act obviously not natural.
Wu Tian made an effort just and the muscle male's combat knew, a truth,
Cheap San Francisco 49ers Jerseys, that be, its never thought that, offend it unprepared, Wu Tian drinks a voice, one call use own technical ability dint pulls out the mountain Xi spirit world distinguished,, thin Huang's ray of light is anti- to return into body, material last black bear helmet king, toward fierce the wolf is one knife,
Although Wu
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