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TOPIC: she just thought

http://lancelhandbagsusa2013.w​ she just thought 11 months, 3 weeks ago #19639

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 If understand love, she should change him and change him cruel personality, change the viewpoint that he has already borned a root, after all she has already known his behavior, be not?
But she has no, she what didn't do, she just thought, the woman of great king should big degree, should forgive, should stop at no evil it to think, should enjoy.
She is getting wronger, she presumptuously harmed him and also harmed oneself,, who say that the king must have numerous women, who say that not does king ability spoil a women?
She is getting wronger,, really wrong, her viewpoint is thus of immature,, thus of awkward and shy, thus of unbearable.Good heavens!
Win to there is no facial expression on the face of government, but he raises of hand be good enough to explain his in the mind very rough sea at the moment.
Tooth son wood however of looking at him that hand that raise,, does he want back to beat her?Yes, yes,, she the, she should be cut to pieces,
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Win a government deeply on sighing, finally still cant not bear to start,, just deeply looking at this he have been tightly correcting his woman of heart bottom deep place, he can't pass these people,, he raised Bei so for several years, is of is this a moment, he how can give up for the sake of her, though he cares her very much.
The hand that wins a government slowly lets go of,
new era 59fifty, nerveless let go of, think that Zhang Kou lets to receive Yi to bring back tooth son, but he forgot a matter.
At this time, the tooth son took aim to raise the bow in the hand in succession toward the 嫪毐 in the field on those bow and arrow hands of temple wall,, Zhao Ji's mother and child is 3 people.
"Not, don't -" mercilessly jilts to open the hand of winning the government, in the tooth son eyes at this time only drive Gao Gao Diao of the body of small beard Hai, she doesn't know own the feet are how of move of, she all thinking concentrate at the moment at a point up, surroundings of everything imitate Buddhas all nonexistent sort, she the time and space in a blank in, she is unique want to do of be answer small beard Hai,
lancel online shop, therefore she didn't win the government at hearing to despairingly shout at the moment:"Tooth son comes back."Didn't even win the penitence and despair that the government can not shout at realizing.
Tooth son the cordage that saw in the hand of 嫪毐
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