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lancel ���ާܧ� connect the places of dodge to all have no.
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TOPIC: lancel ���ާܧ� connect the places of dodge to all have no.

lancel ���ާܧ� connect the places of dodge to all have no. 11 months, 3 weeks ago #19612

  • yhwxwxkuwp
Want dodge.
Is the whole all have been too late, the fine point submerges their war AN and once wears their body.
They die also not the Ming eyes ground fell flop,, only 2 people luckily stayed away an attack.But they have already frightenned to break dog Dan and run,
The wild goose south flies a corner of mouth to peep out cold smiling face, he didn't make track for.When 2 people run 100 meters far of time,lancel ���ާܧ�, the wild goose south fly in the hand as performing magic appeared a longbow and two feather arrowses, two feather arrowses take at the same time at bow string up,buy new era online.
Two feather arrows electricities shoot but go to, as if two meteor laceration vast sky.Those 2 people even bellow don't send out, pour at in addition to 300 meters, many on everybody head a huge blood hole, blood, brains trickle run off, extremely disgusted,
This arrows, the wild goose south flies to use ascend dint in the town inside the body, indeed as expected the power is outstanding.
It's a long story to tell, in fact, wild goose south's flying is neatly clean to solve those more than ten superiors in the moment.
The strict great etc. person is in the behind in every aspect and mutually the Qu ground looking at wild goose the south fly, the in the mind taste is each to have a dissimilarity.
The wild goose south flies to also ignore their stare tongue-tied, have no a facial expression way:"We leave quickly, again treat next go to an enemy and will be more and more,Cheap NIKE NFL Jerseys."Finish saying forward the noodles dash away but go to.
Strict great etc. person which the meeting don't understand this truth and follow close behind in the wild goose south to fly back.
Later on,, they met several enemy of stirings again, all drive wild goose the south fly to use most in brief,Want to buy cheap NFL jerseys, the direct and the most ruthlessness way killed.The strict great etc. person sees wild goose the south fly to kill people all some afraid.The wild goose south flew to kill so many people, but have no the slightest a felling, good elephant what he killed is an evil monster but isn't that the person is general.
In fact, the wild goose south flies heart gets excited!He fears the condition of the injury depravation of orchid sword, the no time for waiting wants to seek a place cure for her.
But, there is pursuing troops behind, ex- have already blocked up a piece,lancel bags paris, basically can not get away from.And, the place of their place and then in the weald, connect the places of dodge to all have no.
The wild goose south flies to know if this continues sooner or later doom,, say:"Our facing has the place of mountain to run and seeks a place first to avoid for a while,"The wild goose south at this time flies whole body unbearably dilapidated, spreads on the clothes full blood stain, lift a be dyed red long-handled sword by the blood, absolutely is a Malicious ghost to face a life time, unspeakable terror.
The wild goose south flies to kill people too cold, the strict great etc. person no longer wants to see wild goose again the south fly homicide, they too anxious to hide earlier.
They change aspect and run toward the left side to, there of mountain peak recent.
Also meet on the road several stir don't open eyes of person, but have never met eight class superior, all drive wild goose the south flew to ruthlessnessly kill and had no an ability
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