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Distance in the clout to lead very difficult assurance!"
The man of Yue Wei bit to grind teeth,, positively way:"His Niang of, bomb for Lao Tze!"
"BE!"The cow big root promises a , and then hurriedly embraced that 81 millimeters of Japanese light trench mortars to come over,, re- install, re- measure calculate distance, and then re- adjust angle of fire, the whole preparation is ready,
cheap custom nfl jerseys, started to carry one shell to fill into cannon Tang, listen to Mao of a , the shell has already taken a to put on tail Yan Teng to get empty but rise.
new era caps online shop, more than 10 seconds that encampment in the front inside suddenly the Teng has one regiment light of fire!
Immediately, impish sons in the encampment then deep-fried a pot, the in great quantities impish son transported troops to jump down in car from severals and behind followed of those two devil infantry the squad Be also fast to rob to come up, together with front side three impish sons in motorcycle will in the center those three armor conveyance prison in the car prison protect at in the center,, see this power in still really have big guy.
However play to order to leave those three armor conveyances a car to far wear, leave that to also still have a distance.
Is passing the immediately hasty way of the man of Yue Wei that the telescope inspects:"Big root,, beat slanting, you beating of his Niang is slanting!"
Cow big root 1 didn't utter, the full face is serious, and then stretches out right hand thumb to cautiously compare than, pass again the knob carried on to the angle of fire of trench mortar tiny adjust, then Mao of again is one cannon, the shell at the right moment falls on that this time, immediately and then the Zhan has the light of fire of one regiment fieriness,
cheap mlb hats from china, close behind again the Teng has more stronger fire regiments,, the red blazing flame is like a mushroom cloud with huge, like forty the facing horizon gobbles up but rises, situation extremely Hai person,,
custom nfl jerseys cheap!
Fully lead 67 after, huge explosion voice just far and far spread to knoll top.
"Beating is medium, the An beats win!"Cow the big root is excited to dance and stamp, at that moment also beat to go out two shells leaving.
However these two shells already nothing important meaning, because the explosion of diesel bucket has already led Be piled, haven't come yet in the open and store in warehouse of the Xun of ammunition explode, immediately, the whole armory be like drive throw down numerous aviation bombs, a round and round huge mushroom cloud like forty seethes and rises, square circle in explosion center thousand meters inside all buildings be all been flat ground by the Yi for an instant, in of the impish son also follow ash to fly smoke to put out,
cheap hats, connect those three armors conveyance the car be also burned scrap iron pimple.
"His maternal grandmother,!"The pond became Feng Za Za mouth, don't have no shocked tunnel, " very big smoke flower!"
"Withdraw!"Yue Wei man but keep enough dispassion, issue order a way, " takes impish son to become a pot of gruel indiscriminately, we return to!"
Say, the man of Yue Wei turns round
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