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ray ban mens sunglasses fix Buddha
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TOPIC: ray ban mens sunglasses fix Buddha

ray ban mens sunglasses fix Buddha 11 months, 1 week ago #107944

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This is that the disposition is such.
"Can say so."The Wan Mao answered the problem that the leaf works properly in detail and originally fought a soul star of so can draw on to fix true group to come so more, the reason of the most still because war soul star many treasures of call, but make reference to many treasures, also need to make reference to fight a soul star of two greatly and nearly, blood fog forest and war soul palace.Blood fog forest declares to fight the soul star first, often year blood fog fills the air, ferocious mien blunt sky, the inside confiscation walks sideways.Numerous in the last yearses, fix true also dare also have some braves to not and desperately fix a true to go deep into blood fog forest in blood fog forest outer circle activity, but never one is on the hoof to come out, accomplish blood fog thus of forest the first of.
However this blood fog forest many treasures is need not to doubt, even if in blood fog forest outer circle, some luckily fix a true can can also some treasures, even some fairies machines for scattering, again or some fairies leave of historic relic, such, harvest larger.Therefore, is many to fix true free of time, will come to blood fog forest outer circle to touch.
And war soul palace, equally is also fight a soul star an overaly scope greatly and nearly exceed a long distance, if peacetime, entrant ten deads didn't living.However the war soul palace have no thousand years will open once and need not to doubt, every time open will have an innumerable to fix true flow out go into look for a treasure among them.Almost fight a soul palace to open every time, all there are many machines that fix a true to get fairy, again or other things.BE not everybody either to have that kind of the luck die certainly at in of person also not at the minority.
And hold a theory way general assembly this time, be hold for these thousand years a war soul palace opening and of, there is also no special meaning, be before fighting a soul palace and opening, hold the party that fixs a true once just.Fix a fairy, fix an evil, fix Buddha, ghost to fix then, the night fix, demon's fixing will appear and say that it leads for fixing true boundary first grand occasion also not for.
"True Yao divertive matter you are unexpectedly late to say."Little witch spirit way:"We walk faster for the full speed now, though arrive to fight soul city, know now affirm have already had many cities that fix a true to arrive to fight a soul, the divertive affair is definitely not little."
"Wan Mao, we leave to fight the road that the soul city still has several days now."Come out from the Earth, stay far away from home, not for making a living away from home three boundaries, such grand occasion, Luo breeze how will pass again, again say, he can't disobeys the meaning that the leaf works properly, either, as long as the leaf works properly happy is the most important.
"If it walks faster, probably still have road for two day."Look for not look for a treasure to the Wan Mao also not is so important, and, truely look for a treasure, is fighting the soul palace opens of time, " most we are before going toward a long distance, would be the edge of blood fog forest, I
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