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shake hands
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TOPIC: shake hands

shake hands 11 months, 1 week ago #107832

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'clock yesterday, the Shenzhen-Shan guy standing the Wangfujing street on the south play" around China handshake "signs, he said Beijing 33 stations around China, and his hope that the community can give support for people with disabilities. I want to travel around the more than 30,000 km in 88 cities in 88 cities with more than 30,000 people shaking hands-Shan dream, but also in the practice ring handshake scheme in March this year by the sponsor. Beijing has he traveled in 33 cities. 10:00 yesterday, the time-Shan was born in 1982 appeared in front of the Wangfujing Bookstore, playing has always been to follow his piece of signs. The passers-by walked in front of him, a little stop-Shan will be asked: "shake hands Left hand!" Look down-Shan left arm extended at the elbow down a bit abrupt end,longchamp, he did not have a left hand. Sideways, tilt, shake hands, nod, not Diesheng say thank you all very skilled. Jiang Wenshan said, He was born with physical disabilities, he was born in Meizhou, Guangdong Province, a 10 years old went to Shenzhen, around China and handshake to prove that people with disabilities can achieve value can realize their dreams, and called on the community to give support for people with disabilities. Yesterday morning, in the streets of Wangfujing, an hour more than 100 people took the initiative to shake hands and have to admire his courage. Stranded seven-year dream road again talking about his dreams, Jiang Wenshan excitement and palpable. He said that after the graduated from Shenzhen undergraduate in 2005,abercrombie paris, they plan to bike tour of China, and to find a good sponsor. Father suddenly a car accident, my brothers and sisters in a student, he reluctantly give up on your dreams, but also to stir up the burden of the whole family. Until this year,ray ban pas cher, my sister graduated, home situation improves, he wants to again and again dream shattered, he began to go round the dream seven years ago, Shenzhen is the first stop. "Mom and Dad is very supportive of me, my sister asked me peace of mind to travel, do not worry about home." Said Jiang Wenshan, father often with people talking about his father talkative, but I was very proud. Raise tolls online selling dream-Shan said he was leaning on the Internet to sell the dream to raise tolls. Jiang Wenshan their dreams on Taobao for sale, 31,686 km, 10 yuan per kilometer, sell kilometers dream, Jiang the Wenshan forward one kilometer. Every city, he would buy a postcard and send it to every purchase "dream course",hollister france. Jiang Wenshan, has gone to raise a total of more than 30,000 yuan, 16,000 km, shook hands with nearly 2 million people. "If you have no money, I work, set up a stall selling postcards, but I will not stop,ray ban, so not sorry to buy my dream." Jiang Wenshan right hand wrist text with two lines, "the target related to "port is the gateway to the heart." He said it was to remind myself, encourage myself not to give up,abercrombie pas cher. Next-Shan will be Tianjin, Tangshan, Shenyang, and has been north to Mohe. Man thirty-Shan said at the age of 30 to complete their dreams,toms shoes, then working for the public to help more disabled. ■ dialogue of persons with disabilities is not only begging, we have the ability to realize their dreams Beijing Times: how do you expect around China to talk to shake hands -Shan: I know a disabled friend, 20-year-old paralyzed because of illness led to the waist, he said his biggest dream is to go for a walk. I think the dream of many people with disabilities around China and even the world, so I want to prove that people with disabilities can do,oakley outlet. Shake hands with people want to know more friends, I hope you will be able to pay more attention to people with disabilities. Before my departure, disabled man who is a friend not hesitate to give me 1000 dollars, I was determined not to close, but he said "Wenshan with my dreams on the road with this sentence, I accept the and will always inspire me. Beijing Times: be rejected or encounter difficulties, did not expect to give up -Shan: the beginning of time very embarrassed, refused to blow, then slowly get used to the contrary, all right, I will be more proactive with others handshake. I remember one time in Nanjing, hear passers dialogue, one person asked what the person next to casually begging. It makes me very sad, We only persons with disabilities are not begging, we have the ability to realize their dreams, therefore, they will not give up. Beijing Times: online many people questioned your approach,ray ban sunglasses, for example, why should someone else pay for your dream -Shan: this is nice,ray ban, some people say that I am speculation, as well as a curse. The beginning of time I am very angry and hit back saying I am ashamed of unearned Disabled, were in a frenzy,hollister. But now I will not, this is my harvest along the way,cheap oakley, I became calm, tougher. Questioned each of the others,ray ban pas cher, I will answer with the standard answer: "Thank you for your concern, but I will continue to adhere to."
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