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sacs lancel 2013 the book sword island East China Sea
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TOPIC: sacs lancel 2013 the book sword island East China Sea

sacs lancel 2013 the book sword island East China Sea 11 months, 1 week ago #107652

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A gentleman king is assassinated,, war breaks out everywhere in another whole nation, iron blood mansion joins force to attack from both flanks from the outside.Put out two countries.Two countries of leavings are agitated can not all day long, square green original descend the decisive battle term of end.A nation finally collapses in the last moment and opens city to surrender.
Decisive battle a day, iron blood mansion battalion presses on to the border, easily crush enemy resistance, greatly break enemy country.Close the border till now from last officer's iron, one year, iron blood country finally unifies a book sword island.
Unified book sword island, civilian common people one joys Teng,
sacs lancel 2013, no one hopes from already of nation with own a fairy of fix of nation resist, now from iron blood country unified book sword island, damaged of just very few count power expensive benefits.For book sword residents in the island but is a great happy event.
Just ascend officer's iron didn't°yet pass, hence the founding a nation of iron blood country big Dian postpones to hold.The square green original beginning sends a person to begin preparation, while the folks have already started celebrating in the street, the business also resumes in the whole islandses, the company spreads instauration, peddler call sell, go toward on person's bearer of street, like rush through temple fair generally, huge crowd.One joys voice joke.
At this time, morning, bright sun Gao Zhao,
lancel brigitte bardot, the book sword island East China Sea,, is calm sea surface up suddenly have ripple, one circle, one circle,
lancel miss lancel, more expand more big, gradually formed whirlpool, the whirlpool is rapid and revolves bottom, huge maelstrom extended to count inside scope, suddenly,
lancel bags price, whirlpool in unexpectedly come out a bulky black smoke, float and go to the sky, then condense in the low altitude, this black smoke is more and more thick, in the sky formed huge decorous black cloud regiment, the cloud regiment of this utter darkness is after formed numbering in the scope and start floating to the book sword island.
Xiao any 《super chain absolute being 》 reads consumedly,
lancel handbags prices,, check is for a while,, whether collected this book, thanked.
Chapter 163 fights black cloud
Chain achievement the indoor, last officer iron of the self-discipline was also at turning point.
He after finishing cultivating world and working properly Hu and world to work properly a water bottle,
sac lancel adjani occasion, again the hands hold medium the article work properly a stone to start stepping up a cultivation the Xuan achievement is for sky.Almost die this time,, let him know from already of real strenght of weak, two highest Feng pupils that give welcome dinner a territory unexpectedly depend magic weapon to almost kill him, therefore, raising real strenght is urgent.
Chain achievement the indoor space current of air is a burst of to undulate.Immediately produced the sound explodes of voice.Last officer's iron finally arrived the bottleneck breakthrough that the idea moves a territory to expect, was preparing to break to touch with spiritual a territory with all strength.
At this time, black cloud of formation in East China Sea had been floating till book sword the seaside a prosperous big city in island, the common people didn't fight disorderly threat and mostly walked to go shopping
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