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if really met
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TOPIC: if really met

if really met 11 months, 1 week ago #107398

  • jyeqfabb04
The person of Zhuo feather slipped away again, he certainly can't leave so, he is still passing by to in brief and easily permit,lancel us store, being otherwise recognized by the other people, he hasn't arrived those monster mountains to die.
Jing Wu Cheng the inside really conceal many persons who want to assassinate Zhuo feather, they also receive Zhuo feather have already received the newses of task,lancel bag bardot, is go to a group of monster mountains, this place says that the danger isn't dangerous either,, says danger not sometimes but very dangerous, because have a demon monster to appear and disappear!
Real strenght strong bewitching monster, even if is an inborn Wu Zhe to all want to plant into!
The Zhuo feather returns to house process in brief and easily after permitting, tidied up for a while, will break sword to tie up at after death of clothes in, then left Jing Wu Yuan,collection lancel, however he didn't leave Jing Wu Cheng, but wanted a house at the Jing more second class hotel of Wu Cheng Yi.
Zhuo feather a come out a martial hospital of Jing of front door, respond to come from to in many ways peep, he knows ownly and easily permit be seen through, so he cans not leave a city, otherwise is arrived to in many ways round to kill.
In the room of hotel, Zhuo feather wait until night, just displayed a shadow to turn magical power, leave Jing Wu Cheng with the quickest speed, fly toward east noodles!Because his real strenght promotes, his shadow's turning time to also slightly have an exaltation , after many of his experiments, can already promote to keep time that the shadow turns 13 breath, although promoting is very little,3 breathes, enough he flew very far.
Also because relying on this is mysterious but strong magical power, the Zhuo feather just can't concern so more.
So, the Zhuo feather silently leaves Jing Wu Cheng,lancel bags premier flirt, the nobody is discovered by anyone!
Chapter 39 works properly a flower
Before Zhuo feather once listens to the business of cluster monster mountain as well, he intends to get into look for here demon monster, with his current real strenght,, the shot kills demon the monster is really too simple however, at the right moment can repair, at the same time also ability will those demon monster bone demon Dan all income the universe bead inside, wait later he self-discipline mentality again take out.
If he matches with that shadow to turn magical power, he can own the real strenght that kill the inborn martial, he has the mind that wants to assassinate that public finance elder several times and only and all at last canceled, because Jing Wu Yuan in lie a tiger to hide a dragon, if when the time comes he is seen through by the other people,, make track for don't put of words, perhaps and finally will be cut to kill.
He but once experienced Dong Yi Yun's real strenght, can kill a head of huge bewitching monster.He believes that be like Dong Yi Yun so real strenght the person is still certain,, if really met,louis vuitton handbags, he is absolute to is very dangerous.
Ten breath are past, walking of Zhuo feather safety
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