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"The action this time is really a lot too big
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TOPIC: "The action this time is really a lot too big

"The action this time is really a lot too big 11 months ago #106685

  • hsgaukmz82
Wei oneself with sweetly at the same time, fierce one Duo ground, blunt sky but rise, the facing afar escapes but go.
The turbulence this time than it Tang Fei still want severe several at the Long Mai who leads of fast fire mart in times before, the whole Ao month city is to the utmost subjected to a spread,, if make people understand all of all theses is that Tang Fei is so-calleds, only afraid will arouse many Nus!This Tang Fei wants and then feels some fearfulnesses.
Peng Peng ……three regiment blood fog appear at the same time,loui vuitton bag, four major sky of Gang surplus 3 people are collapsed at the same time blood fog, the condition is horrifying to arrive extremity, keeps letting Tang Fei feels sorry for, regrettable four already infinite tend near work properly absolute being to greatly become the absolute being space of state!
Not there is together together arrogant figure in distance continuously present, all of them are to the utmost all of the influences that stations in the Ao month city, disturbed at this time, a face shockingly stares at ten thousand place directions in the sword valley, also doesn't know that this actually borns what affair, unexpectedly let the whole Ao the month city all born a turbulence.
"Having fun this time is big ……"
100 in open an outside,cheapest ray ban sunglasses, Tang Fei from a distance hopes those ten thousand place directions in the sword valley to continuously rise Teng but rise of huge mushroom clouds,, cloudy or sunny on the face uncertain,,, have some behind fear of say.
"The action this time is really a lot too big!The whole Ao month city various influences only afraid this all started out down!"
Sweetly is also a shocked face up astounded, completely having never thoughting today's sneak attack will turn into like this touch kind,lancel singapore, unexpectedly almost the whole Ao the month city now ruin.
"What does this exactly born?"Think the snow-white beard the old is signed to half at this time empty,,ray ban rx5169, far and far stare at an explosion place direction Be scared to say.
"See the directions that the appearance is ten thousand places in the sword valley!What ghost are they again making?Want to demolish the whole Ao city for month?"The old nearby,ray bans wayfarer, a top of head gold hat, one face dignity of middle age man Cu wore eyebrows to once connect a words head to say.
"These ten thousand courages in the sword valley are also a little bit aer lot too big!Want to die a martyr's death a way to still need to pull us everyone's son follows a mat back!"Not the distance is again a cold voice to man with arrogant real strenght to say.
"I see be different from, this explosion of exact center heart's seeming is ten thousand places in the sword valley, they do so,, difficult don't become to want from ruin gate to a monastery?"One person opposes saying and talk of is all real strenght each not weak representative's person that greatly believes in a door, be all been surprised by this huge action at this time.
"Is difficult don't become is ask for what severe person?Be made reprisals?"
In the momentary profuse and confusing, who also not know unexpectedly is born Shi
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