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cheap oakley radar sunglasses the Luo breeze also comes to interest
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TOPIC: cheap oakley radar sunglasses the Luo breeze also comes to interest

cheap oakley radar sunglasses the Luo breeze also comes to interest 11 months, 1 week ago #106562

  • ranfazta22
The Tong battle wore to fly a knife incomparable skill to escape out, end or because of meet with Luo breeze with leaf work properly just Xin, a Chinese family name be free from difficult.
Listen to Tong Tong so on saying, the Luo breeze also comes to interest, pours not to is to say that the Luo breeze cares those babies, because close in the life of Luo breeze in, have been thinking this kind of thing: money to living not to bring, the dead doesn't take to go, as long as enough spend and then go.But as a martial, for those rare fighting skills, absolutely not unmoved, fly to be candid in saying according to the leaf, the quick sword Jue of that he creates compares with the sky of leaf's house to outside fly fairy, that is far far not equal to.There is also west snow sword method in blowing of house in the door, the power even still flies fairy outside the sky on."Tong Tong, you can say more in detail some?"
"Boon."Tong Tong considered for a while and still kept deciding to speak, oneself anyway knew also not much, believe organization to up can't pursue, either what responsibility, " devolution fish bowel the sword is Europe to also cure build, and Europe also cure a bottom contains two disciples, is a rightness of loverses, do will and Mo Xie.Devolution, the stem will get afterwards a piece of sky of outside difference stone, then with this difference the stone forge a sword, expending seven years can not yet become.Then try sword by body, throw body stove in.Stem will clay-cold, its strong hatred reads to blend with sword to a, the sword becomes.From now on this sword then Yue:Is dry will.BE is a chase an evil soldier.
Many hero swordsmans all once got this sword, but all wasn't to live sword to upload of the strong hatred reads, be been anti- to bite but die by the sword body.The hatred reads more and more strong, the sword is also more and more strong, the wanting of the madness of numerous people gets stem sword.
Stem will of emergence, just like in at Central plains Wu Lin brought about a billow, momentary martial Lin Zhong, various tore to kill continuously.
Stem will of wife-Mo Xie, know oneself to start to get own husband, then want to make a to make the absolute being sword overcoming the stem to sword, even hoping will do to ruin the sword.Connect down, the meeting of predestination appears, Mo Xie unexpectedly is unintentionally also getting a cake of to come from outside different stone in the sky, forge a sword with this, while consuming decade, same try sword by body, strong kind thoughts and sword body blend, consequently sword Yue:Mo Xie.
But Mo Xie's hope is fine,the reality is ruthlessness, although Mo Xie Jian can overcome stem sword, also what then not do sword, start for this new toring of 1 killing again.
Is end or people think Europe that have been already died also cures to re- appear to take Mo Xie Er's swordses the stem and live as recluse with Mt. Heaven of mountain, and leave fish bowel sword, hoping the posterity can find out to live as recluse by fish bowel sword of, then can get stem Mo Xie Er's swords."
"So that's why, no wonder that small Japan want so get fish bowel sword, have never thought back still hide stem Mo Xie Er's swords."The Luo breeze is long to shout an one breath, saw come from the skill of skill that the F sees thing still not enough, just saw surface, how an absolute being soldier is worth
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