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ray ban 3030 outdoorsman connect a voice all have no
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TOPIC: ray ban 3030 outdoorsman connect a voice all have no

ray ban 3030 outdoorsman connect a voice all have no 11 months, 1 week ago #106521

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 John Si sees the youth interrupt conversation, the eyebrows is wrinkly to get up.!!It is super.Soon!More.New This youth's background hasn't cleared up, this guy exposed the trend of oneself et al first …… However words since said to can not withdraw previous remark, either, malicious stared to interrupt conversation youth of one eye, embrace boxing to say to eight absolute being Ans:"Is quite good, we are just intending to return to Mu Lin Si especially town, how, do you also want to return to?" Eight absolute being An the point nod. John Si sees he nod, the heart put down, want with wait the back of the person to have no malice at oneself, however still needing to ask is clear of well, in case troublesome. "You ……is a person?How can arrive at here?" Eight absolute being Ans know that he worries of what, after all this is been also a common feeling, run about in the woods to burst upon a person, put who body, will feel weird, hence say:"My a person comes to look for ice here Huang to spend!" Hear "ice Huang Hua" John Si suspect to to the utmost go, ha ha smile:"This small brothers' returning is really a courage and judgment to lead a person, a person dares to come to look for, really remarkable!" The others of mercenary soldier regiment hear him say like this and also all smiled, a person flees to go in the wheat large mountain range, is very dangerous, this youth can Gu body's going to this don't meet dangerous, can say control breath really too well. "Go, did our mercenary soldier this line of, who have no to fall difficult of time, small brothers, this all the way follow us!"John Si loudly of shouted 1. It was public to also order to nod at the same time. The mercenary soldier leads of originally was the life that licked blood in the point of a knife, the everyones all had difficult of time, don't say other the mercenary soldier regiment of their Mo Tie is current of 18 people, it is a list to also nearly have 10, the mercenary soldier was after falling difficult saved, joined team. At that moment eight absolute being An heel at after death, a group of persons go straight up. ………… "Daddy, you how promise to let him heel in our behind?"The young girl show eyebrow that is full of untamed nature sticks out, was full of a responsibility to ask in the tone. John Si ha ha a smile:"A alone youth can help for a while just, help for a while!" The young girl seems to be some not that glad:"Do not know as well he exactly what identity, daddy you makes him follow and says again, you sees the thankses that his facial expression is so difficult to see, connect a voice all have no, whom owe his money ground ……" John Si looking at daughter's eyes a blink:"Si Jia
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