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lancel premier flirt bag even if is the common iron piece puts into
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TOPIC: lancel premier flirt bag even if is the common iron piece puts into

lancel premier flirt bag even if is the common iron piece puts into 11 months, 1 week ago #106413

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Stare,, but basically can not figure out any way to come out.
"I say that my chain doesn't come out this trifle, the Xuan is pure to return letting of a strength, I do a hand, now Zha kind,!"Put out strength to grasp to grasp own head,, the leaf was innocent to want to stretch out to go to, was entirely different inside the medicine Ding that three color medicine the liquid put out strength to mix blend to remit into by making it melt integral whole for a while.Can this mind also only can turn, the temperature in nowadays inside the medicine Ding, don't say him still the Qu of flesh and blood, even if is the common iron piece puts into, perhaps will also be immediately included hot irons.
But when the leaf sky can not handle this circumstance, the strange variety happened to the juice liquid in the medicine Ding again.
Main medicine juice liquid of that black and white dichromatism,, at static motionless and in a short while behind, unexpectedly and slowly of to surroundings spread.And the place led by them, connect to take the juice liquid in original gray in the medicine Ding to seem to be also drive they to assimilate similar, convert to the black and white from the gray gradually.This compares to two people are robbing site,
lancel premier flirt bag, in a moment of time behind, in addition to the medicine Ding in the center still leaves the gray fine thread of a distortion and left for in the whole medicine Ding as different as chalk and cheese black two colorses!
"My fork, this bottom doomed!"The lo wears that black and white two colors be still continuing to spread, leaf sky's eyes stared to stare, treat and turn round to keep off this medicine Ding.He at last estimated to touch, as long as completely becoming black and white two colors inside this medicine Ding, then two kinds of juice liquids of as different as chalk and cheese color and lusters connect to touch, so they are certain and then will produce very violent reaction.Even willing appear is legendary of the deep-fried Ding also the slightest isn't rare.
However, he hasn't canned turn round to leave,
miss lancel, a voice make him stop next step.
wholesale louis vuitton!This juice liquid, unexpectedly became ……too very diagram?!"
The Xuan is pure to just arrive it of emergence, let the leaf in mind and a little bit breathe heavily an one breath for sky.Immediately he sees this old man if before visiting Long Bo Juan to the medicine Ding, so such as long the whale absorb water generally and also basically Be not afraid of hot direct the juice liquid of that full medicine Ding, give entire number absorbed belly inside.Knowing this is the step being pure to take up the refining of behind Xuan after, leaf sky frightened deep-fry the idea of Ding to immediately disappear without a trace.
Once gathered together to left for,
lancel flirt bag, he arrived pure its quickly matchless Zhang Kou Yi of Xuan to vomit, two black and white each the medicine that has half of Dans,
lancel premier flirt price, so the drop slip away to fall at medicine Ding in.
The surprise blinks to expect two times eyes, the leaf sky goes toward a head in medicine Ding explore for a while, this just turn a head the dynasty is dazing over there of the Xuan Be pure to ask a way:"Frighten,,
lancel paris, this a while, became two withered woods for the chain reborn?"
However words just finished saying, his tongue immediately beat a knot.Because he sees Xuan
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