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how should do
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TOPIC: how should do

how should do 11 months, 1 week ago #105812

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Front door,lancel wallets online,, so mostly all arrived inborn Wu Jing at Wu Zhe in the vulgar life time then die of old age."The black blacksmith says.
The Zhuo feather is regarded as at this time understand,,, originally the Xuan territory is such difficulties then can get into,, and just that old is also a Xuan territory of, only is a Tui any territory just, but the black blacksmith is very a dollar territory!
"To want to get into a Xuan not only only need natural endowments, but also need chance and opportunity, that Tung according to Yun be have quite a few chance and opportunity,, just can at young get into a Xuan territory,ray ban rb2132, and you should also ability in the decade inside break."
"Black big uncle, my self-discipline is Wu Dao of, fix a boundary over there in don't fix Wu Dao?That I in the future get into an inside, how should do?"The Zhuo feather asks a way, for this he also really confuses.
"Fix a boundary inside have already fixed Wu Dao as well, only quite a little, hereafter after you go in know, ignore what way,, all pursue highest strength, go against a sky and go of,ray ban on sale, among them also nothing important differentiation, Be just process different just!"The black blacksmith touched the head of touching the Zhuo feather saying.
By this time, the Zhuo feather gloomily says again:"What about that your condition of the injury?"Although the black blacksmith can talk with him,the Zhuo feather knows black blacksmith just temporarily the complexion is better.
"The Dan medicine of my wound demand Xuan class six articles-white jade red sun Dan!The medicine material that only refines this kind of Dan medicine is very difficult to seek."The black blacksmith sighs a way, his face up and difficult saw a lot at this time, and the breath also became to faintly get up.
The Zhuo feather immediately took out that bottle of Dan that living a source, but the black blacksmith put to put to say:"Do not need, still stay to you hereafter use, just I once ate 1 grain and ate again to can't have much use, either now."
Finish saying, the black blacksmith shuts ascend double eye, but still have breath!
The Zhuo feather is quickly surprised to shout several voices, but the black blacksmith hasn't been responding, the Zhuo feather is anxious,ray ban sunglasses men, rise black blacksmith back, display a shadow to turn magical power, fly toward thousand cloud mountain ranges to ……
The Zhuo feather took the black blacksmith to the hole sky of ancient wood clan in, entrusted the black blacksmith to wood glory, let the wood glory look after very black blacksmith,lancel handbags online, then left hole for sky, look for a medicine material in thousand cloud mountain ranges.
He found out red sun Dan of that white jade from work properly falsely the personal letter of formula, the medicine material needing is definite to is very rarely seen, almost have been already disappeared completely of, connect the ancient wood in the clan all have no.
"Altogether want 11 kinds of medicine materials, ancient wood clan the inside has 4 kinds, I found out 1 kind in thousand cloud mountain ranges and still differed 6 kinds now!"The Zhuo feather is in thousand cloud mountain ranges
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