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if Tang Fei wants to truely accept to take this handle absolute being needle
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TOPIC: if Tang Fei wants to truely accept to take this handle absolute being needle

if Tang Fei wants to truely accept to take this handle absolute being needle 11 months, 1 week ago #105410

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, The Zhu Wu suddenly walks all of a sudden to come forward to a way:
"The hurry chain turns!Leading this village son can have no this store son, smoked son this place I protect for you!You hold firmly time!"
"Like, that you carefully order!"
Hope to begin medium sheen have been more and more thin,, the eye sees to be thoroughly astringent, Tang Fei finally orders to nod.
Sit with the legs crossed, the hands are tiny tiny on trembling,online ray ban glasses, the absolute being needle suspends in front, Tang Fei double look in the eyes light one Shan, soul strength inside the body like boundless general surge but, the package lives the absolute being needle beginning chain to turn!
Tears line red gold naturally have to reject to the soul strength, this turned for Tang Fei's chain to bring a very big difficulty,, however finally still organic can take advantage o, particularly is now because absolute being needle glory four overflow, the way in the body line flows to turn, Tang Fei with lend soul strength to pour is to slowly hit, just by so doing, time expending is getting more more.
The soul strength should be penetrates everywhere, but faces a this tears line red gold,lancel uk,, but Tang Fei not dare is the least bit careless,oakley radar sunglasses cheap, the soul turns to make tidewater,lancel handbags paris, slowly the facing front permeates, just started returning to calculate smoothly, more arrive behind more and more became difficult.
Absolute being needle inside, a way inborn coagulates but the way of line, originally take orders of is the trace of big way,lancel purses, is an unclear in meaning very much, if Tang Fei wants to truely accept to take this handle absolute being needle, the way of woulding be of first hit these unclear in meanings line, only overrun they, Tang Fei just can arrive absolute being needle core, leaving own soul trace is in it.
The beginning of golden light a way permeates inside the body from Tang Fei and,, Tang Fei the treasure body is solemn, looking at Yuan at this time if one achieve wisdom a gold just, the absolute being needle is also red to brighten at this time under urging of Tang Fei prosperous, if be not in advance have already used to open mountain ax a town to live, very likely already here and completely collapse ground.
The penny of time one starts in the past and just just led half for hour.
Turn sudden ear of the Zhu Wu of getting alone with others the form a while suddenly Shu get up:The affair of worrying still took place.
Outside two absolute being know to toward room a to sweep but lead, inside Zhu Wu momentary smoked son income,, Tang Fei in advance ready to of wear line to work properly a treasure in, break window but.
"Was two to since came, and then why the need for hide to hide?"The Zhu Wu Cu wears eyebrows, on sweeping one stub big tree in the front,ray ban 3386, cold say.
This big tree has already had many years, at this time root the deep leaf is luxuriant, will it inside cover up of strict actually solid, some blind side doesn't remain, but regardless 2 people conceal again finally or have never escaped Zhu Wu that is outstanding
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