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sukey gucci bag was regarded as cheapness today you
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TOPIC: sukey gucci bag was regarded as cheapness today you

sukey gucci bag was regarded as cheapness today you 11 months ago #105250

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Seem to be pretty much to cut up rough.
"Not,, I can't kill you, can't ast least now!"The mysterious person shakes head and raises hand a golden light, he settles the blood wings Wu in the sky at at first, the slightest moved not get!
At this time, the ray of light is one Shan in the his hand, again many a thing is the bone of a piece of palm size, golden light Can Can, radiant and extremely keen, can clearly feel that the top flows great power!
"This is this to fight at the big emperor from outside evil clan in sky, once chopped in two the calf of evil emperor blue sky, was regarded as cheapness today you!"Mysterious person's palm livings without basis one regiment red and red flame,
sukey gucci bag, the flame soars aweather and in a twinkling has already had several rice sizes, sees him lightly on huming, together invisible of devote major efforts, living rare of move Yang Jiao's u body of r ò to come over, in a twinkling be overalied by the red and red flame!
"~" Yang Jiao painfully shouts loudly, this absolutely isn't what person can bear with, and the body of the blood wings Wu in the sky also at tiny shiver, peep out scare on the pale face, the bean greatly contained to a chain ofly flow out out!A short moment after, Yang Jiao is no longer person's form, but become one the regiment blood r ò u, light and soft softly float at the red and red s of in the flame of è, bellowing the voice has been already had no.
At this time,, mysterious person,, list hand lightly on kneading,
sac lancel, the calf bone in the hand in a twinkling became a heap of gold powder, once the big hand flick, those gold powders integrate into a way that regiment blood r ò u in!
The gold powder is like a stars to embellish, the blood r ò u of one regiment became thin gold s è, bake in the red and red flame under, the slowly perfect fusion is together.
The "Shua~" mysterious person arrives at blood wings the Wu body the side for sky, the low voice says with smile:"Your this body is too small and weak, however these four rightnesses of wings pour is a treasure thing!"
"~" Blood wings Wu in the sky same one bellows, four of his wings living to rarely let that mysterious person to Ye come down, equally threwed into that regimented light and soft soft one rounded and rounded blood fogged.
The effort that about led half day, the mysterious talented person lightly drinks a way:"Model!"
Imitate a big way of Buddha day sound, take endless rule in the as in.
That regiment blood r ò u, slowly extend, a burst of variety, not much, already from lately become one personal form, the this person side permits toughness, the skin presents ancient bronze work s è and gives people strong dint feeling, he is long to deliver jet black, the sword eyebrow star eyes, although shut eyes,let people to all know that eyelid under, hide a pair of eyes that can compare stars.
Barren body, copper water sprinkles Zhu and fructifies very much,
lascel wood,
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