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louis vuitton duffle bag "Liu Xia Hui hurriedly way
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TOPIC: louis vuitton duffle bag "Liu Xia Hui hurriedly way

louis vuitton duffle bag "Liu Xia Hui hurriedly way 11 months, 1 week ago #105189

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The sickroom of lake hospital, after doing not miss Chen Xu to just take Liu Xia Hui to follow lake front to come out Liu Xiang, at lake front an arbor before stopped down, "spoilt daughter of a rich family fore the noodles waits you!"
Liu Xia Hui visited one eye arbor,, the Qi Qi was dressed in a relaxed and white one-piece dress at this time and sat on the stone Deng,, and stone Deng one side still puts a pack.
The hands of Qi Qi support stone Deng, a legs constantly sway before or after,
louis vuitton duffle bag,, eyes are lookinging at to be suffused with light of the lake sun lake noodles in the lake, the breeze late blows of the one-piece dress of Qi Qi Be a burst of to float.
If not that knowing the temper of that obstinate self-will of Qi Qi, Liu Xia Hui really feels at present of the girl is that one is lousy to have no evil student's younger sister's son.
When Liu Xia Hui turns a head again, Chen Xu had already been missing a trace, Liu Xia Hui can not, have to walk into station son.
"Did you come?"Liu Xia Hui just entered station son, listen to the way that the head of Qi Qi didn't return as well.
"H'm!What the matter hurriedly say!"Liu Xia Hui has no saying of voice good spirit, " do I still need to return to a sleeping!"
"Your tone seems to be to me very disaffection!"The Qi Qi still doesn't turn head and lightly say.
"The nothing important is dissatisfied and Be getting more tired and feel sleepy to feel,!"Liu Xia Hui still keeps hasing no a way of good spirit.
The Qi Qi no longer talks and sits fore the noodles looking at lake noodles, the station of Liu Xia Hui is in the Qi Qi constantly tap mosquito after death, a flightily annoy irritable appearance.
The Qi Qi gets down from the stone Deng at this time, turn round over, hands back,
lancel adjani bag, saw Liu Xia Hui's one eye.
Liu Xia Hui also Pie the Qi Qi is one eye, the facial expression that sees her is much better, should nothing important big Ai,
black gucci messenger bag,, continue to tap mosquito,
gucci bags online, "what matter quickly say, you like to feed mosquito here, I can have no this a fondness for."
The Qi Qi sees an impatient appearance of Liu Xia Hui,
lancel online shop, immediately way, "that letter ……"
"Believe?Did "Liu Xia Hui listens to Qi Qi speaking of letter, immediately come to spirit, didn't clap mosquito as well, hurriedly looking at the way of Qi Qi, " intend to return to me?"
"Originally yes!"The Qi Qi is cold to hum 1,
oakley sport sunglasses, walk to Liu Xia Hui's in front at this time, " however I see you now this attitude, seem to be not is specially care that letter!"
"Who say?"Liu Xia Hui hurriedly way, " cares of, care of want to die!"
"The appearance that I completely can not tell that you care!"The Qi Qi paces in the station son at this time return, " I see you just and three beauties have a meal together and seem very happy appearance, I still with
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