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maroquinerie the summer handsome Feng is also wearing a smile response one by one
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TOPIC: maroquinerie the summer handsome Feng is also wearing a smile response one by one

maroquinerie the summer handsome Feng is also wearing a smile response one by one 11 months, 1 week ago #105139

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Open eyes, the facing is on all sides observe for a while, discover a dumpy middle age that the high set being anterior just and slowly heading for, full face of smiles a lookinging at of idea under the set of public, the vision is tiny to sweep to sees for a week, but see one be worn the man whom the domestic takes to just and leisurely and carefreely sit one side, in the taste not from deeply wear astounded, soon after this kind of is astounded then the conversion is an exasperation, just cover up of best, and no one discover just.
Chapter 164 second virtuous thunder
The summer handsome Feng is just Lin Yi Yan who was tiny to sweep a soul,,
maroquinerie, the taste then transfers to open, and then ha ha say with smile:"Thank everyone to attend my daughter's birthday party, the summer someone really appreciates not to exert and wants to declare two happy events today, the first 21-year-old birthday that matter is my daughter today."
Underneath immediately someone zero zero spread to loosely say congratulations, the summer handsome Feng is also wearing a smile response one by one, the facial expression on the face deeply wears proundhearted air and declares the second matter, way:"The second matter is my daughter have already formally become one class Dan soul teacher, this is the process Fu benefit to add president of association the attestation is in person of."
Underneath of public on listenning to, the shocked color of full face, 21-year-old one class Dan soul teacher, afraiding of this kind of natural endowments is very unique, loudly drink a burst of Gao Guo of colourful voice a burst of,
white oakley sunglasses, if this big tree in house that can clime to a summer, with lend their background,
louis vuitton speedy 25, in the future have rapid promotion of the day can be expected soon, soon after the owner almost and without previous arrangement and secretly towards oneself's youth to beat expression of eyes, the meaning is to let they and the eldest daughter of summer house become intimate with to become intimate with more.
The soul what wood saw keeps shaking head, none of public the whole performances wears accepting of trace at his eye bottom, dark way:"Perhaps most people all is embracing this kind of purpose come of, don't know summer snow of outward appearance iciness is rounded by this many people without intermission and dedicates to pay attentions to exactly is what condition?"
The summer handsome Feng towards public and polite several, soon after and then descended to go to,, walked to the corner of a no man inside,, make a bellboy ask a way:"What is the row,,
online gucci outlet, does this kind of deluxe situation how can appear an of humble condition slave?"
The bellboy politely answers a way:"All of all theses are extravagant orders of and say to is the honored guest whom she pleases, we don't want to bother her."
"Snow son come, please?"Summer the handsome Feng Be tiny wrinkly to knit the brows,
gucci outlet online store, the temper of summer snow he the do a father of certainly know of clear,,
lancel paris 9, don't say what person make friend, be see her at ordinary times and what man walked a little bit becomes intimate with some all feel unusual, don't even come with a marriage proposal from invite an unfamiliar male
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