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TOPIC: "Is mean

"Is mean 11 months, 1 week ago #105136

  • cmcbubwzbi
The light Zhang fiercely faces up,, Pa in the Mao of the voice ring a not unique ear, a short short in a very short moment, 4 people unexpectedly already to the next several Zhangses, if talk about peacetime leaf square Heng Zhang dint violent in action matchless, five poison Zhang poison achievement difficult Nai very small amount, but after all have already deeply been subjected to serious wound today, lack the ability to do towards up having some at this time,, several ten Zhangs come down,lancel handbags, originally bright border on transparent light Zhang at this time unexpectedly already receive last 1 F jet black poisonous gas.
"Is mean!"
Leaf square Heng hands feel paralyze,,lv outlet online, unexpectedly drive these five poisons erosion, again difficult make effort.
"Quack ……I persecute poisonous achievement not an equal in the world, make you die at me today five poison Zhang under,lancel outlet, also be regarded as to must rise you!"Mo cloud dark says with smile.BE just wanting to make moves again, the suddenly a figure stumbles to flee go into, part the Wu life rush to escape simultaneously still and just and loudly shout a way:
"Teacher, not like, the relief troops of snow absolute being mountain arrived!"
The red collar of dress head been exactly the Duo road that is made track for by Tang Fei but escaped, this guy's fleeing for life speed to pour isn't slow, however at the right moment became the person of leading the way of Tang Fei's a group of people.
The original organization is layer after layer, forbid to make to spread densely the 4 F ground temple at his lead under,sac adjani lancel occasion, Tang Fei's waiting a person unexpectedly has already hurtled to the ground with frightening ease temple deep place.
The red dress leader bursts upon to pour is let Mo cloud originally was about to clap next Zhang to stop down is just wanting inquiry.
That of chest but bang ground 1 crack open by explosion to open, a blood hole impressively appears, that even bellow don't come of and send out,, already double the eye is stagnant, lose source of vitality.
Through the blood hole, a dark soon the cheeks of Ning water reflect into Mo cloud eyes.
"Tang Fei!"
Mo cloud hasn't responded to come over,lancel handbags usa, there flying in the void the full face has already hated an idea of low roar out.
"Are you Tang Fei,"
Flash across of the face of Mo cloud a put on difference color, however the slightest didn't fear to an idea, persecuted a door to also outside get into this region from the area,ray ban sunglasses for kids, kill a Yan house and rush through two newses that work properly in the corpse door not to understand to Tang Fei Nu, only to Tang Fei's a little understand also just from this flies in the void to know in mouth of, so when he sees Tang Fei such a young however the youth being about 20 years old of don't fly in the void of reaction that sort vehemence, just because of own disciple drive Tang Fei be the noodles shot kill tiny some get mad.
"You all die for me!"
Tang Fei one feet Chuai's flying has already had no organic of red collar of dress head, the one step steps, whole body sweat hair handstand, on the head together the long hair of shoulder disorderly
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