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Handan series murder all six suspects arrested (Photos)
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TOPIC: Handan series murder all six suspects arrested (Photos)

Handan series murder all six suspects arrested (Photos) 11 months, 1 week ago #98720

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's wife and two children at home was attacked. Two young children died on the spot, his wife head skull fracture, and Zhao himself unaccounted for. After the incident, the city and county levels, public security organs in the rapid deployment of hundreds of police task force formed to conduct a comprehensive investigation of this serious homicide. Two days later, the police handling the case according to the masses, a man whose body was found in a wheat field in Yongnian County. Is identified, the deceased was actually Zhao, like the head and his wife hit by a blunt object. With the investigation of the case is unfolding, and Zhao's wife seriously improved, a nickname paragraph two young men as a key suspect object. It is understood that before the incident the night, the victim Zhao with each other, went out drinking, and then never heard from. After further verification, paragraph two,abercrombie, who lives in Village section of Quzhou County, born in 1984, in 2002 for his participation in the theft by the court sentenced to seven months. The police then use a variety of means of Technical Investigation soon Fuxing Road, Handan City II captured. Kill the rich "harvest" more than 100 yuan suspects segment account, the victim Zhao Handan City to Jize passenger car business, previously engaged after passenger car transferred to another person. Zhao money on several occasions to show off in front of acquaintances, and often ask a friend to go to a restaurant or karaoke pastime. The segment this message tell a friend Li Yanbin, Liying Jiang, Shentian Liang, et al,air jordan, they agreed that Zhao selling cars certainly made a fortune. 4 Following discussion, Zhao decided to commit robbery. May 6, 2010, Li Yanbin, who will Zhao Pianzhi the Quzhou county in a hotel. 10 o'clock that night, they learned from Zhao mouth selling cars models have been handed over to the custody of his wife, the car pulling Zhao Yongnian County, within a field of wheat killed. Early the next morning, Li Yanbin, who came to the house of Zhao, coercion Zhao wife to hand over bank cards. Robbery succeeded, they pound Zhao wife with a hammer, and even Zhao's son and daughter were not spared: just a few seconds, two children are taken away by a frenzied criminals life, including one of the largest less than 10 years old. Police handling the case after trial segment,hollister, and the strong cooperation of the local public security organs, has his accomplices Li Yanbin, Li Ying Jiang, Shentian Liang et al arrest. 4 confessed the robbery Zhao wrong bank card password, they only "harvest" more than 110 yuan, everyone spoils less than 30 yuan. "Devil" actually burdened 8 lives of social concern " 07" King robbery and murder,mulberry, successfully solved, the task force police were not relieved feeling, but the addition of a disturbed. Jize Public Security Bureau of Interpol captain Wang Gang, Li Yanbin 4 people committing the crime is extremely cruel means, we can say is outrageous. Along with their prior long conspiracy, and the division of labor, the site did not leave any evidence, and afterwards were not abscond, there should be enough to prove the criminal suspect serious cases in the body. By adjusting the trial program, the police actively looking for the suspect's "weakness" and a breakthrough, and finally also noted that the addition has been hidden for many years from the murder the: Li Yanbin, who is not only in Jize killed Zhao family of three, has also worked in attacks elsewhere too many women, a total of five people were killed. Subsequently, the police to Handan County in Baocun, North Baocun, left Nishimura continuous excavation of the bones of the five victims,louboutin,After the death of retired deputy division-level cadres leaving only 300 yuan de, and the other two suspects Liu, Tang successfully captured. The victims object single female reporters learned from the Ji Zexian police in the in other robberies murder, all five victims for single women working in Handan city, most of them foreigners. Early summer of 2007, together with Li Yanbin Liu, Tang two field workers woman Pianzhi suburbs, forcing the other to hand over bank cards, after the robbery of more than 5,000 yuan, the two strangled with a rope, buried the to Handan County North Baocun West canals side. In summer and fall, Li Yanbin has two working woman cheated out of money by the same means after the brutal murder of two people, buried in a rented room hospital,hogan. In November 2009, Li Yanbin, paragraph 2, Liying Jiang,louboutin pas cher, Shentian Liang, robbery the Handan City revival single woman to a more than 6000 yuan, kill buried within the the Handan County left Nishimura South drainage ditches. Its brutal accomplices are feeling uneasy in of Jize police cracked a series of significant cases of robbery and murder, Li Yanbin plays the role of the planner and commander-in-chief, he not only personally involved in every "action", also in charge of the robbery was to belongings. If the wicked, or the murderous devil to describe him, in fact, a little too much. According to the police, Li Yanbin brutal even his associates feel anxious. Police searched the home of Shentian Liang, accidentally discovered personally addressed to one of its family a piece of paper: "My friend said there is no human nature, party, a few of us usually are afraid to walk back and forth, always worried about disloyal to each other, the other very may suddenly his head with a hammer to pound if one day I passed away, will certainly Li Yanbin dry. "It is understood that Li Yanbin, 40 years old,louboutin, a child her parents divorced,8 Burmese women are trafficked to Gansu unwilling to return, his childhood living with his father, the lack of family warmth. The father remarried, he graduated from elementary school alone wandering out. The age of 14, remanded for theft Quzhou County Public Security Bureau. In 1990, because of the number of theft huge by the court sentenced to 15 years. Li Yanbin released from prison in 2003, did supermarket security, chef career, after in Handan Qichedongzhan maintained in working order during a period of two to get to know Liying Jiang et al. After each crime could not sleep six suspects not only inhuman killing the object of robbery, and each other, full of "Murder". In the eyes of these people, money and life to find out which is more important,mulberry outlet, how do they treat their wife and children Reporters yesterday afternoon into the Jize Public Security Bureau detention center, Liying Jiang suspects face-to-face conversation. Reporter: Can you tell us about your home, is not really short of money Liying Jiang: I home not only on elderly parents, as well as a 9-year-old daughter. Children are very obedient, and very cute, I like to listen to her to call me Dad. In recent years, I have been working in the outside want to make more money so that their families a better life, but money is always enough to spend. Reporter: how to embark on this road of crime and robbery and murder it Liying Jiang: I have not thought of going to kill. Later, see Li Yanbin they are so easy to get money, and not be caught by the public security, I will move the heart. Reporter: murder to life for a life, do you want to do Liying Jiang: I know that the most precious things of life, nor do I own wife and children, but the thought of money, it also refused to take anything. In fact, each time after committing the crime, are several nights I could not sleep. Reporter: Do you participate in a total of several robbery, how much money Liying Jiang: I have been involved in two murder cases,louis vuitton, the total share of the stolen money from more than 1100 yuan. Reporter: If someone else for the money to your family for the kill, how do you think Liying Jiang: I will not be able to stand it, is certainly to take revenge,hollister outlet. Now think of it before the crimes committed, really regret it,mulberry outlet, then the money went to kill,hollister outlet, not worth it! Text / Chart reporter Wang Bin
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