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lascel wood The strong Yu complexion is dignified
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TOPIC: lascel wood The strong Yu complexion is dignified

lascel wood The strong Yu complexion is dignified 11 months ago #98667

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The Yao has already died, the looking for of facial expression dispassion gets away of way.
In the big palace, the middle age ordered to nod and praised highly a way, "boon, young then like this of dispassion, resolute and cool-headed, it is like this an age to pour in rare."
Rain Han is tiny pleased, immediately nervous way"father, you, are to say, you let small work properly to fight with him?"
Rain Han a surprised, hurriedly way"can he just inborn saint, small work properly all an inborn rank already,
lascel wood, how may be its opponent?"
"Ha ha, stop worrying, I have proper restraint, this daughter is getting bigger, person also outwardly."Middle age ha ha a smile.
"Like, I go out and see."Immediately the figure of middle age slowly dissipation, imitate if basically have never existed here,
lancel australia, leaves 2 people's one bear in this big palace.
Strong Yu by dint of dark night stars and limits of the earth went and continuously avoided being seen, or resisted, that attack that bites to work properly a monster more and more weighed, the speed is also more and more quick, pour in the heart is a burst of to puzzle, this demon does the monster exactly want to do what?Suddenly,, strong Yu facial expression a change,
A ratio before more violent attack suddenly declines bottom, have no a shot that can match to make the strong Yu complexion like soil, want to avoid being seen,
sac lancel adjani occasion, can feel that oneself's seeming is targeted, whatever avoid being seen,, all always unable to dodge this shot.
Bite a strong shot of working properly the monster, perhaps there is inborn gentleman for middle of with all strength one shot,
www louis vuitton bags, which afraid by dint of oneself's violent body, also difficult escape a to die.
Bit to grind teeth, don't take care of it what inborn rank still what, the dark night stars turns worse and allly work properly dint to all infuse into own of in the huge sword, huge sword a burst of Weng Ming,, seemed and rose to break.
The strong Yu complexion is dignified, immediately resume equanimity, the whole individual then sinks to immerse in the sword idea.
At the moment,
lancel purses online, see the time toward the strong Yu from the outside, the strong Yu is to be like to use very hot fire Fen weather to wait that whole body is covered with by the flame of appearance, but is bodily back have a falsely shadow, a constitute to°from the flame of, Mo about ten Zhangs of shadow of human figure.
That fire hand holds a generous huge sword, along with the action of strong Yu, that fire shadow also moved.
Strong Yu the whole personal such as celestial spirits attaches a body general, the huge sword in the hand turns to move along with the whole individual, that after death of the fire copy also along with turn, suddenly strong Yu eyes in vain open, the double eye doesn't take one silk facial expression,
outlet louis vuitton, the body revolving suddenly stops bottom.
"Very hot fire rebirth!"
The huge sword takes strength of a Tao sky to split to go toward that direction that bites to work properly a monster, after death of fire shadow
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