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lancel 135 Wu Ao Tian saw there 3 work properly crane
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TOPIC: lancel 135 Wu Ao Tian saw there 3 work properly crane

lancel 135 Wu Ao Tian saw there 3 work properly crane 11 months, 1 week ago #98663

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The shot breaks his spiritual influence to protect a cover.
Ice hockey break, the lightning ties up to round, the youth sent out one to bellow and all over sent out more burnt smelly flavor, the ice hockey burst to open of energy, rushed out a spiral form in his lower abdomen position more small hole, whole body all the young tiger project a blood, just for an instant, this youth then imitates if became one bloody.
But, this youth still keeps having not died!
Peeped out the air of matchless scare in eyes of youth,, he wasn't understand, why just still occupied tremendous advantage, how for an instant, did the situation completely reverse to come over?
He wants to escape,
lancel 135, but Wu Ao Tian of seven kill sword have already flown to return to, be sprayed to flow out once again by the one regiment spiritual influence of Wu Ao Tian but, wrap up it if the once again hurtling of the lightning flash comes over.
The youth looking at blunt come over of seven kill sword,, send out one to fear to matchlessly bellow, can not consider of severely wounded on the body, try very hard to of release a spiritual influence, at own of formed a spiritual influence shield once again before the body,
Unfortunately, this hurriedly in the formative spiritual influence shield have already completely canned not resist Wu Ao Tian one hair with all strength of seven kill sword, seven kill sword shot to break spiritual influence shield, then shoot into his lower abdomen.
The spiritual influence of steaming hot in a twinkling bursts to open, he the original lower abdomen position was hit a helical small hole by Mo Yu's ice hockey, at present again drive seven kill sword like this one shot, the whole loinses are about smashed a to get empty.
The body of youth heavily flew,
loui vuitton bags, in the sky Lue a curve, then heavily hit on the ground, arose a ground of dust.
The blood is cracking, the youth eyes stare consumedly of, until die, he didn't make understand, that person is clearly a low rank to work properly to make, why will break out the real strenght that works properly teacher Class!
With one action the shot killed two people, Wu Ao Tian's body fell down, didn't take care of again such as snow there, but path keep of cross legs to sit down, before sitting down, Wu Ao Tian saw there 3 work properly crane, in the heart on moving, toward Mo Yu and cold front to say:"Hold tight those 3 to work properly crane,
lancel bags."
Mo Yu and cold front tiny tiny one Leng, but soon after understood Wu Ao Tian's viewpoint, order, double double facing those 3 worked properly crane to hurtle past,
Wu Ao Tian crosses legs to sit down and stretches out hands,
lancel online, the center of palm of hand starts absorbing the pure spiritual influence that this male's one female clay-cold Yi spreads out outward and maneuvers on spiritual influence of field at this time and spread in disorder not already,, Wu Ao Tian's action will think he is in the treatment, but can't let life Yi he is absorbing spiritual influence.
Although just at a stretch did three attacks,
lancel handbag price, and Wu Ao Tian's real strenght ascension after, can operate the quantity of spiritual influence to also rise a lot,
french flair lancel, but three attacks still
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