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TOPIC: there is no the defense of shield

http://raybansunglassespricein​ there is no the defense of shield 11 months, 1 week ago #98647

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Likeness, so, this fights, it is a protracted warfare to destine, therefore basically have no necessity to be eager to approaching the other party.Keep an intact type, is the most important.
The other party obviously also understands this truth, therefore also just is depending to come over by speed of slowness.However, both parties' speed again slow, two square opposite and go of words, also very quick of drew near the distance to 100 meters inside.
After approaching 100 meters scope, marching forward of both parties all became more careful to get up.And the first fight that both parties to quickly pursue quite the contrary, this combat, both parties' speed, true is very of slow.
When be located in both parties type's backmost master, distance the other party of the distance of forward warrior attain the time of 80 meters, none of both parties from get strain for a while.But, uncanny BE, both parties' master, all unexpectedly didn't launch any attack.
The master who sees the other party unexpectedly presses the soldier motionless and secretly worries in Huang Yan Xin.See to the other party is not a vague generation either, in now under this circumstance, the warrior of the master to the other party carries on hastily an attack, will not have any effect.And, also easily give F square of long range attack, result in for a vacuum time.Although is brief, however exchange blows at this kind of in, is very likely to sink into passive.If the other party take this opportunity, the rapid front hurtles of words, very probably will form the master's thermodynamic power to inhibit.The master's technical ability distance is equal.If the one party makes moves first, the nature will occupy equal advantage.Because, there is no the defense of shield, even if master the oneself magic is very high, subjected to other masters attack, lose of soul vitality also can't little.If the other party of two masters attack from both flanks one person, person is attackstoned, is very dangerous.
Now that both parties' masters all press the soldier motionless, that has to continue to approach the other party.Both parties' distance is more near, the whole war situation the meeting is more complicated.But, be this circumstance, any a square isn't likely to retreat.Both parties were apart from to continue to approach some after, the master of the other party, suddenly lead off to make moves.But two masters attack target is exactly Huang Yan.
Excellent U 書擝 u U t xt .the c O M Quan the gnat more read from the Ban
The fifth household contends for Feng, it matches the collision(a) word that the Zong connects horizontal chapter 230 vehemence number:2376
Be settled to oneself
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