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lancel handbags online even still with there of the evil monster beat a
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TOPIC: lancel handbags online even still with there of the evil monster beat a

lancel handbags online even still with there of the evil monster beat a 11 months, 1 week ago #98641

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That spiritual influence for coming together, also wants to be many heavy,"
"Is only opposite, in this district, the evil monster of gathering is also matchless strong, and the evil monster and mankind has been all being hostile to an attitude,
lancel handbags online, they always treat this forest as their homes,
lancel online,, is don't take pleasure in seeing mankind to intrude into among them."
Wu Ao Tian hears a such place, that is pleasantly surprised in the heart:"The elder generation has ever been to where?"
Xuan old man in the sky nods a way:"I have ever been to, even still with there of the evil monster beat a , if isn't that I run quickly and estimated and then returned not to come, I meet not just an inside's most badly evil monster, it is said that that the inside's most badly evil monster is a snake, this snake at up thousand year agos have been able to change into person's form, the real strenght in fabulous now has already attained a sky to work properly greatly satisfactory state,
lancel paris bags, very is terror."
Fierce one earthquake in the heart of Wu Ao Tian, the sky works properly greatly and successfully, that is his teacher the Lyu believe in the state for once attaining, at the beginning the Lyu believe in a person to make track for the fire of killing the center of earth to arrive underground 100 inside not only, but the fire of center of earth can vanquish include Wang Hai Chuan at inside of numerous work properly to fix,, this margin ……if oneself meets that snake and estimates oneself to don't the slightest resist a left over strength,
lancel 70.
"Is really very dangerous here, don't know to still have other places?"
Xuan old man in the sky cautiously deliberated a short moment again and finally shook a way:"The mountain range that is other to also have, be like to fly to spend a valley and flow cloud, but although the spiritual influence of these places is also more heavy,the spiritual influence that differs that dragon evil district in the forest center abundant degree differs again Be getting tooer many ……"
Wu Ao Tian hears Xuan an old man is such on saying, but don't disappoint for sky, on the contrary excited:", There is place like this, that bothers the elder generation indicates for me the position of these places place,
lancel wallet price."
Hear Wu Ao Tian start to ask these places, ,such as snow, knows that he is seeking the place that can absorb spiritual influence, however she just quietly smiles, didn't open mouth naturally.
The this force Ao sky can help Xuan the old man cure very so several years of wound for sky, such as that is matchless in the middle of snow heart high spirits, also is to be full of the impassioned to Wu Ao Tian, only between Wu Ao Tian and she already need not have any ceremonious, her is his, his is also hers, 2 people mix if integral whole.
Xuan old man in the sky 11 of speak clear place of these places for Wu Ao Tian,
lancel bags paris, also tell Wu Ao Tian at the same time, because these place spiritual influences are opposite and abundant, will also have and manily work properly and fix practice moral teachings in these places, sometimes for battling out some places that the spiritual influence increases,, even may get into nasty fight, make Wu Ao Tian him/herself careful,
Wu Ao Tian a
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