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loui vuitton bag "The sky of the Ao
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TOPIC: loui vuitton bag "The sky of the Ao

loui vuitton bag "The sky of the Ao 11 months, 2 weeks ago #98602

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The Feng is doing exercises in gymnastics a top morning exercise.
See Wu Ao Tian come out, the cold front is lightly loose loose of let go of the stone lock in the hand, the noodles isn't red the spirit doesn't breathe heavily of walked to come over, hurtled cold front to order to nod:"Three little, the affair has been already completed satisfactorily."
Peeped out on the face of Wu Ao Tian for two cents, smiling face, order a way:"Like, pain,"
The cold front shakes and also has no other airs on the face, imitating the Buddha is to do an insignificant affair general.
Wu Ao Tian tooks a look surroundings and freely asks a way:"Have not had breakfast and walk and have breakfast together."
Cold front also Don't mention it,
loui vuitton bag, order, followed Wu Ao Tian to arrive dining room together.
Because the strong real strenght of the cold front,
lascel wood, martial thick virtuous and Wu Ling Feng is very polite to him, also have no to really consider as him to belong to next treat.
Breakfast of time, Wu Ao Tian lets after all maids leave dining room, this just the openings say:"Ten thousand city mountains are dead."
Being martial thick virtuous to eat an is surprised, taste at silent have a meal of cold front body up once swept and return to Wu Ao Tian's body up:"The hand moved last night?"
Wu Ao Tian's point nods:"The cold front does."
The food of inside that is martial thick virtuous to slowly nod, chew a mouth didn't talk, Wu Ao Tian knew he is in the thinking and also not much says and be devoted to have a meal.
On the contrary side martial Ling Feng ate a surprised, asking of surprise way:"The sky of the Ao, were you so quick and then began?"
Wu Ao Tian ha ha on smiling, stuffed a steamed stuffed bun into the mouth inside, bite severals swallow,
lancel handbags malaysia, this just say with smile:"Is not quick, if I again motionless hand,, perhaps ten thousand will cannot help but beginning."
Was martial thick virtuous to let go of chopsticks, lightly say:"Never so, ten thousand the city mountains are one dead,, ten thousand nobility positions don't protect is already fact, although they still have a lot of patrimonies and afraid of those early to ten thousand cast covetous eyes on of household, can't pass this clobber to fall into water the opportunity of dog of, just don't know that their meeting can't doubt that we are in the head,"
The cold front been being devoted to have a meal suddenly title, equanimity of say:"Affirmation can't of."
Wu Ao Tian becomes overdo, the Rao has the asking of interest the way:"How did you do?"
The cold front let go of night,
louis vuitton speedy 25, wiped to wipe a mouth, facial expression cool answer way:"You made me kill him yesterday, I then collected some bad matters that he once did with a little times, you also knew, collect affairs like this didn't calculate a very difficult affair,
lancel hong kong, I checked to two year agos, ten thousand green once violated a female kid,, that unbearable humiliation of female kid committed suicide by hanging but died, 10000 wanted to spend money and put even this affair, but was refused by the other party and up told to have no fruit behind,
lancel zephyr, this female
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