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TOPIC: dominant and extraordinary dominant and extraordinary 11 months, 3 weeks ago #8984

  • vyytgaavmq
 In the hand although is empty, Yang Fan understands two left round of chasings and distinguish now own in all aspects of arm in.The heart reads a to move and impressively appears two left round of chasings in Yang Fan 's hand.
Yang Fan now in mind steaming hot!The mentality is smooth, whole body a word-great!
Recognize a left round in lord, the felling taking in hand is different, really is to have texture too much, that weight pretty much takes advantage o a hand, and the being like is similar for what oneself made to order.
Now the appearance of revolver in hand, have already had a change.The original totem crest has been already disappeared, ten white precious stones in the color precious stones, there is already no dreary appearance, becomes radiant and extremely keen,, bright captivating.
Yang Fan knows that this explains, oneself has already had the grade of apprentice rifleman.Yang Fan is very strange, oneself has no self-discipline to read dint, how does white precious stone meeting oneself shine?
In fact these two revolvers, oneself took some dint of reading.After recognizing a lord,
Cheap 49ers Jerseys, the revolver automatically gets into Yang Fan arm in, conveniently will from take of read dint to pass Yang Fan ,
Now Yang Fan 's spirit space inside, burst upon ten each color of piece rhombus crystals, arrange into a bright crystal spends of image, only among them a cake of send out dazzling white ray of light, besides which,, rest of is all gray.But originally move in the DNF the dead shot technical ability diagram mark difference in the spirit space, constantly flow out to spend to the crystal.
Immediately after the rifleman technical ability diagram mark flashes into a rhombus crystal and is like amber.The radiant and extremely keen crystal wraps up a technical ability diagram mark, mark in the technical ability diagram the difference blends with ten pieces of colorful crystals of time .In addition to spirit space, colourful light bloom ten colors on Yang Fan 's body, the whole individual immediately seems to be healthy and energetic, dominant and extraordinary, as if a celestial spirits come down to earth.The small white of flank sees become fascinated,, wish to probably follow elder brother Fan to mix really very good.
Yang Fan now brain in a burst of pure clear, was full of strength all over, this is Yang Fan have never felt.The spirit is many things inside the space, Yang Fan also responded, immediately after, the white crystal divides a white silk thread and continuously flows to turn in Yang Fan 's body, a circularly after, and then return to a white crystal in the spirit space inside.
Yang Fan 's understanding this is the self-discipline route that reads dint and immediately dipped down mind to record down.There is strength in the body is constantly flowing,, each time rove around after muscle, blood vessels, Yang Fan Zhi feels that the body is very at ease, the body also becomes supple and works properly.Shut eyes,
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Spirit space,, now in addition to mentality, would was to bum empty read dint, Fan 's spirit space is very big, this BE
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