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Drink two cups before rice, say to is through limber up.Can they all have much of forbearance and never eat much.Oneself unexpectedly just leaves for more than a years,, their quantity increased several decuples.
Tang Long thoughts of a that the mother tries very hard to eat and father try very hard to infuse the appearance of wine, in the heart not from a pain, he knows that they are borrowing these to get rid of he's only son to leave home, far and beyond the horizon of the lonely feeling.Feel parents' heart of standing alone fall Mo, Tang Long's eyes not from slowly red get up.
Mother Tang who have been staring at Tang Long sees longan Tang be what is the row getting reder, certainly know, however she didn't talk and just gentle and softly dauted Tang Long's head.As Tang Long is just wanting to keep off parents for himself to exert filial piety and apology toward old mama, the door outside and suddenly spread afloat the car landed of voice, immediately after the front door is opened at the same time, a man's voice also spread to come in:"Wife, has the meal been already completed?"
Tang Long Yi listens to this orotund, favour dynasty the doorway walk to, and shout a way:"Daddy, you came back."
Come in of that wears a set of common lounge suit,, the hands are solving their oneself's tie, shape and Tang Long to have seven divide resemble of middle age man, hear Tang Long's words, immediately whole individual foolish live of stare at Tang Long to see.Very in a short while, the middle age talented person resumes action and loosens to open bow tie and arrives at Tang Long's in front in quick time, simultaneously make an effort of tap Tang Long's shoulder, part saying of excitement:"Mix boy, willing to give up come back?Become adult to, keep your Lao Tze company tonight, I drink, don't inebriate to prohibit to sleep!"
Although Tang Long doesn't drink, this time dare to say not?Make the parents happy but make the sons and daughters' obligation,, can't drink to also want to drink.
Father Tang finishes shouting and then shout a way to mother Tang:"Wife, are you still foolish to join a crowd for fun why?Your baby's son came back to still make a several kind specialties not and quickly real jam,"Finish saying and say to Tang Long:"Mix boy,
Baltimore Ravens women jerseys,, you probably don't know?This in the last years cooking of your old mama but come to several jump.Hey Hey, your old mama was my captive before, however now your old mama on the whole comeback win,, turn over to give° your old daddy a captive."
Mother Tang mercilessly Ning for a while, father Tang ignores father Tang to kill piggish bellow, take smiling all over, return to a kitchen to start cooking a meal.Tang Long sees the old Mom and Dad's appearance, not from smiling of nest heart, these are own parents,, this is the felling of house,
throwback nfl jerseys.
Time of the supper, Tang Long eats a delicious good dinner, eat an one mouthful to loudly shout bravo each time fierce clap old mama,
cheap mlb hats from china, Ma Pi, .Make sit at mother Tang of one side, smile to bloom on the face try very hard to clip vegetables for Tang Long.But sit at father Tang of one side of Tang Long Ling then an excitement abnormality of touch a cup with Tang Long, simultaneously touch a cup part loudly Rang Rang:"Good capacity for liquor,!Not the Kui is my son
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