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lancel bags price philippines you this viewpoint is very good
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TOPIC: lancel bags price philippines you this viewpoint is very good

lancel bags price philippines you this viewpoint is very good 11 months, 1 week ago #85555

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Deny exertion success, see each exertion that the leader of a group will get."Liu Lian's forehead is tiny wrinkly, like this say.
"Harass military tactics?"
The breeze general oddness hopes Liu Lian, although he is to excel military tactics very much, but understand this military tactics isn't each person to learn of,
lancel bags price philippines,, and this Liu connects is to tell him very clearly, this recruits BE'harassment'military tactics!
"Boon!!Our soldier is divided into 3 classes to pour, each brigade at least a strong that gets Class generally leads and harasses an enemy, make they of the coffee break isn't enough long.But our soldier at least have to have a group of personses the horse to conserve strength and store up energy in the rest!Turning point hurtles to kill an enemy!"
"Like!!Liu Lian's brothers, you this viewpoint is very good, the just concrete affair still treats you to explain."
The breeze general is very happy today, because he finds out a method that is good to wait for news, hopes this to speak the person of method, hoping earnestly the other party can also speak other extraordinary plans.
"General, in fact the harassment military tacticses that I before say, all for the sake of purpose preparation of,
lancel 1er flirt prix."Liu Lian lifts up head to settle to certainly hope breeze general, the latter is also that the ground of Zheng Zheng hope him.Liu Lian lightly opens mouth:
"I want again rear of leading the evil monster squad past north wind empire and rob their food pays once, because I dare to affirm, they in addition to the food Cang been burned down, affirmation still has a lot of other,
lancel bag blue."

Chapter 13 harasses military tactics[this chapter word number:3065 latest renewal time:2011-09-16 11:00:00,
[url=]lancel handbags usa[/url].0]

The breeze general Leng Leng looking at Liu Lian,, he has never thoughts Liu to connect dangerous every moment still keep wanting to take the offensive at the back of the enemy at this!This be strange to think fantasy, the enemy in front of he or she doesn't beat, or wants to run to the big rear, and this is the shame!
"Breeze general."Liu Lian settles to settle ground to looking at breeze general, he slow-moving openings way:"General, all is fair in war,
lancel bags, what I say, not confused fabricate.However general you have to know, sometimes we should be a little bit more trivial still a little bit more trivial and after all and above boardly hurtle up to fight with enemy, the soldier of death usually slowly ambuscades the soldier lost than that much get many."
"General, you are also a soldier since the childhood since then, you had to know,, the soldier is also a life."Liu connects at the moment of the voice suddenly become tough,
lancel bags online,, he can be not concerned those to float the person of Kua,
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