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00 all not dare to give greatly
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TOPIC: 00 all not dare to give greatly

00 all not dare to give greatly 11 months, 2 weeks ago #85552

  • rjupstng99
Seven big fellows, cold track.
Long You goes against a scale and touches it to is certain to die!
As Tang Fei's beginning is coming to this world, uncle Qin Xi Da Dun and frost aunts treat him like own son, Qin courageously also considers as he his own close eldest brother generally treat, all these all the branding of prison prison at Tang Fei's in the mind.
If say that the person that care most at this world Tang Fei now is undoubtedly uncle Qin Xi Da Dun this.
Their family are Tang Fei's negative scales, regardless is a previous incarnation or all of Tang Feis are a person who is very to cover up shortcomings now,cheap oakley radar sunglasses, nearby of the person permit not to get other people to the slightest infringe upon.
But oneself several individuals who care most now are incredibly subjected to other people's threat at the same time persecution, an among those even almost had dangerous life!
Tang Fei this time is really moved to kill an idea,,kids oakley sunglasses.He had never had to once move to thus and strongly kill an idea to a person or a group of persons, which afraid is facing the persons of the absolute being breeze general mansion to all have no such and such mightiness.
But the in front rides 7 people of Malaysia and include have already lain on the big fellow on the ground, he swears to kill them!
"This hero, we aren't intentional to violate openly, don't know what matter gave offense to you?"
For head a man is to work properly teacher to fix for,, but face Tang Fei of such status, he also feels a bit tough, hence arch the arch hand toward Tang Fei to say.
But Tang Fei basically manages to all ignore,louis vuitton factory outlet, his words sound hasn't fallen in, Tang Fei has already made moves, basically didn't realize him,, Tang Fei made moves, and then is two big fellows that work properly private's state to pour at ground up.
See Tang Fei ignore to all own words reasons, that fixs for the working properly of head teacher for of big fellow also Nu, the clay doll still has three cents,, and fire and spare no effort to start to jump, the one punch towardsed Tang Fei to bomb to pass by.
Once experience after Tang Fei traverse strong means, he at 1:00 all not dare to give greatly, a come up is an one punch with all strength.
But Tang Fei sees all lazy to see his one eye, the under charge originally claps to another work properly the private's hand to still clap bottom, that person becomes a Tang Fei under charge ghost once again!
Until that work properly the teacher one punch will soon bomb Tang Fei of the empress carry on the back of,louis vuitton discount, Tang Fei just 1 turn round, the one punch bombs toward that works properly teacher of one punch!
"Bang,ray ban 8307,!"Of a , a burst of skeleton ground crack rings out, that is directly named the arm skeleton that the head works properly teacher drive Tang Fei smashing of one punch earthquake, the facing stumbling simultaneously pours.
Tang Fei is great anger under of one punch, is to so easily reply,sac a mains lancel, the fist has no silk to the fist
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