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lancel new york small black have already worn to like clothes
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TOPIC: lancel new york small black have already worn to like clothes

lancel new york small black have already worn to like clothes 11 months, 2 weeks ago #71124

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He Ren Hui's nap a short moment, feels a whole body refreshing, the spirit thrives, small black have already worn to like clothes, the barefoot sits on the deep red carpet and see he wake up to lightly turn head to once he smile and smile prettily, 100 Meis are horizontal to living.
He Ren Hui sits a smile way:"Two hours have been already led, think necessarily right away meeting someone bump a door."
Is small black to move back and forth pretty finger,
lancel new york, the low voice says with smile:"Should come of certainly come,
valise lancel, only afraid the affair is still not only we imagine of so simple mile of,!"
"Kou Kou Kou,!"Knock on door a voice as attracting 2 people ring out in time,
He Ren Hui and small black mutually see one way of smile, calling:"Come in!"
The tiger is rich in hues, Long Pan, the west is emperor's many jades, green leave son, Huang Yue Tian, five people file in but go into.The tiger is rich in hues full face angry expression, there is a piece of blood Zi on the dress Jin.
He Ren Hui ascertains intent through word and expres and looking at a tiger rich in hues way:"The elder brother of the tiger got hurt?"
Tiger rich in hues"Mao Mao" is stuffy throat to sneer at several voices:"Unless originally the childe have a feather female phoenix to wear to protect a body, and the sorcery arrive absolute being achievement, early be put out, hum!"Make reference to afterwards, cold hum repeatedly, the corner of mouth up raising is full to is insolent ferocious, the originally previous anger arouses air however beat foreshadowing for the sake of showing off of behind a bottom.
The small black mark head sighs a way:"Luckily enemy's eye without pupil, if is to make a surprise attack me to wait these weak hands,,
lv hand bags, we be dead have no burial ground."
Toghter start to be suffused with insinuative smile on the public face, tiger rich in hues part to small black close to simultaneously smile happily a way:"Small black miss if afraid in danger, might as well reside one room with this childe, come, we walk!"Say unexpectedly on stretching hand,
vente priv��e lancel 95, will pull a small black hand.The small black complexion is abrupt to change, harsh voice way:"Is unbridled, get away!"Hand disease disease backward on shrinking, may may avert from tiger rich in hues evil claw, He Ren Hui lightly urged tone, just if small black unable to dodge hand of that extremely daring in lewdness, He Ren Hui will suddenly and violently rise to discard that hand right away.Planning to break can re- try to find solution again, the beloved woman is humiliated,
lancel bag, that is a life time always can not wipe out of humiliation,
lancel premier flirt, stay calm and collected on the face of He Ren Hui, heart but have no half such as the stock and stone cent to hesitate.
The tiger is rich in hues a grasp not medium, the air is constant, smile happily a ground of handle knob fierce on turning over, unexpectedly want strong line of pull a small black hand, another hand is so-so to spread to unexpectedly seem is think that a hand holds tight a small black hand a hand Lan small black waist.Is small black to fix for superficial, looking at a tiger rich in hues and arrogant on grasping, heart next raving fury and it happened that can not stay away, straight-tempered no longer flounder, looking at what Ren Hui, Ren Hui's lightning flash one shot hasn't hit, "bomb 2 to explode to ring, Huang Yue Tian and west emperor's many jades
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