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lancel bags paris Destroy completely although killed Ji Xiao Fu
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TOPIC: lancel bags paris Destroy completely although killed Ji Xiao Fu

lancel bags paris Destroy completely although killed Ji Xiao Fu 11 months, 1 week ago #70998

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The gold spends a mother-in-law body side my daughter's child see the gold spend pale facial expression of mother-in-law some uneasy of ask a way.
She this asks, and gold mother-in-law Hua see an oneself have already had no dangerous situation, suddenly one mouthful thick blood jet, this blood leaves to fully splash 45 Chinese feet far!
"Eight forestries indeed as expected live up to reputation, strong that one punch boxing strength, that the contemporary can use not more than 5 people!Just why does he want to kill me?In addition to he outside, and then have Persia always teach equally uncanny unfathomablely know my gold of the flower woulds be purple Shan Qi silk of Long Wang Dai and more knows that my secret resides place to work properly a snake island.Is difficult don't become,
lancel bags paris, innocent want Wu I....."Gold flower the mother-in-law is inclined depend on the boat deck,
cheap oakley m frame sunglasses, drink my daughter's child to pass in the clear water at the side of mouth, air interrogative confusing.
Again say a forestry, drive gold flower after mother-in-law escape, he also immediately and tirelessly returns to in the valley, but at this time Zhang Tao already beard green cow the difficult Gu husband and wife truely kill, be just forest outside the valley, Zhang Tao stands opposite with one person to open again, this person is too unexpectedly the E eyebrow depopulation teacher in the Zhang door!
Destroy completely before the body, have one female corpse, this female the corpse impressively would be her to spread pupil in person Ji Xiao Fu.
Zhang Tao looking at at present one acts, the air is complicated.Destroy completely and it the senior Gu Hong son originally have been already betrothed, can behind this son of Gu Hong but be lived by Yang Xiao to grieve,
bracelet lancel, this section Zhang Tao knows naturally, but that Ji the Xiao Fu lose chastity Yang Xiao to bear an again female not regrets, destroy completely set on Ji the Xiao Fu injury secretly Yang Xiao not to become, then the cutthroat in pain.
"The teacher did somely to lead too much.This female the offense isn't appropriate to die."
Destroy completely although killed Ji Xiao Fu, can the heart is also extremely painful, she heart Gao Qi Ao,, drive Zhang Tao this says and is since raise head orthoptic Zhang Tao , the eyes time is cold:"Lose chastity evil teach an evil head, dare to also speak to side with, originally damn.I the matter of E eyebrow, also don't need Zhang Zhang Men to interfere with."
Destroy completely wrath horizontal living,
oakleys sunglasses, Zhang Tao this words that took to blame, let to living an intention to murder in her heart,, although it is said destroy completely to also know that Zhang Tao 's fighting skill is extraordinary, has more one handle absolute being a soldier, can Nu pole under, she unexpectedly also thinks with it begin, but with since, destroy completely once the vision turn and see Zhang Tao after death distance not, the forestry far away rush through, immediately once the vehemence spread and lean on for a sky, sword go into sheath, destroy completely cold hum a , saw one eye Sung at the side of Zhang Tao Shen Jie son once again, turn around and then walk.
"Quick gentleman, brocade instrument.The heel is a teacher to return to E eyebrow!"
"Teacher, Jie son although it is said enter door soon, can the feeling of teacher guidance necessarily not dare to forget, but at present piece
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