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ray ban aviator small 000 people just
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TOPIC: ray ban aviator small 000 people just

ray ban aviator small 000 people just 11 months, 2 weeks ago #64170

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Remaining has once Long Hei Hei smile and turn round to go out.
After, the just about 20 minutes square wonderful Ren then takes a person to appear at the doorway of magnificent.
Square wonderful Ren but took exactly 2,,000 people to come over.
According to the dependable survey, the Cang dragon helps in the hand of cloud county,, however 1,000 people just, even if is all of these 1,000 people to garrison in the magnificent, that has how,
ray ban aviator small?Even if was the person whom the Cang dragon helps to occupy beneficial geography,, but Li Tie Zhu not at, oneself appears publicly to break to defend, kill to harm not just small vegetables of stairs 1 disc?
The square wonderful Ren has enough confidence.
He even have no hasty begin, stand the front door of magnificent, use to look sideways of the look in the eyes looking at the front door of magnificent.
Very long, the square wonderful Ren flicked to wave hand and greatly trod dynasty magnificent to walk.
The first floor of magnificent is all empty, the second floors' pouring is to guard many people, Zhang Shao Han stands on the stairs, remaining has a dragon then station at Zhang Shao coldly and after death, again behind, is the Cang of the cold air Mu Long Bang youth.
The square wonderful Ren after getting into magnificent took aim eye Zhang Shao Han and immediately and then targeted look in the eyes in remaining to have Long Shen up,
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The facial expression of the square wonderful Ren immediately dark next go.
How can he forget remaining to have a dragon,
To know remaining has a dragon in the custody center for clapping six cloud green Ma Pi, at Nue square wonderful Ren of time don't know to leap?Of have much happy, having of performance how and actively, and,
louis vuitton uk, once intended to extremely die in the square wonderful Ren a fight of time, remaining had Long Hai Chu its never thought that and stretched hand the egg egg of digging the square wonderful Ren, the square wonderful Ren has to be seized without putting up a fight,
lancel mademoiselle adjani,
The cold light that sees a square wonderful Ren eye-sore bone, remaining had a dragon to beat one cold war, however soon, then neck a horizontal, false smile way:"The square wonderful Ren don't think that you wore a hat, I could not recognize you, Lao Tze to the hair style that you shave you are still satisfied with?You are this small JB, jail delivery after, unexpectedly dare to also seek the grandpa's trouble?"
The square wonderful Ren doesn't want to see more remaining have the dragon this person's residue one eye.
The square wonderful Ren doesn't want to say one more words as well, just the horizontal knife is in the hand and take a stroll dynasty the stairs walk.

Chapter 189 counterattacks(3)[this chapter word number:3286 latest renewal time:2011-04-23 22:12:32.0]
Mo Jia Gang ,
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Is already 12:00 p,
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