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sac a mains lancel "Is the wedding of snow gentleman what happened again
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TOPIC: sac a mains lancel "Is the wedding of snow gentleman what happened again

sac a mains lancel "Is the wedding of snow gentleman what happened again 11 months, 1 week ago #64038

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The appearance shouted tone and asked a way:"Is the wedding of snow gentleman what happened again?"
Chapter 2 snow gentleman escapes(four)
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Mo Xing Fei sighs a tone way again:"This is the palace familiar of politics allied marriage, two countries depend with form a friendly relation in person.South Tang Guo made minister as early as to rush through to Shu two months ago of country, thought to be on good terms with our country, and the close target is snow princess Jun."
Is comfortable to smile a sky to interrupt a way:"South Tang Guo come of again is what person?"
"Even west Wang Ye's nephew, at south Tang You'small gun absolute being'the chapter Jin of the title Ming,"
Hear chapter Jin Ming is this person, comfortable smile although sky early guesses to is him, still not from spirit the tooth want to become itchy:"Good you is small white face, Lao Tze with you this beam son knot settle."
The that chapter Jin Ming livings noodles white lipstick, natural and unrestrained and handsome, don't know fan to pour at south Tang Guo how much bosom spring of young girl,
sac a mains lancel.But successively drive Meng 喆 and comfortable smile for a sky, is the Ji "is small white face", don't know this matter if what feeling will making him know do?
"Yi, to, almost forgot another important event."Is comfortable to smile a sky have been putting idea on square's snow gentleman body, affair just think of in Wang Yao Fu to eavesdrop at this time, the favour said out to Mo Xing Fei.
"Unexpectedly there is this matter,
ray bans shop online?!Is the matter in"Mo Xing Fei immediately jumped from the chair after listenning to, " really your close ear to hear?"
Is comfortable words smiling a sky to certainly know that his behind is a not and really wants to make sure answer, just temporarily hard accept would have this to ask.Ordered to nod a way:"I guess south Tang Guo superficially want with Shu country and kiss,
ray ban aviator sizes, actual but is' fix plank way clearly, dark Du Chen Cang', but the internal help is Wang Yao's this soldier's department the book adult is still ……"
If"this bottom bother big ……" Mo Xing Fei is like basically have never heard comfortable to smile a sky and stand to start to keep pacing to and fro,, in be like soliloquize a sort to say, "Wang Yao control national soldier's right, if he wants to rebel and also really has a successful possibility,
lancel maroquinerie.To, front segment time emperor Yang Hao Lao's general and door department still the sun Jyong adult in book Europe adjust to leave Chengdu, may be Wang Yao very much from in provocation of.Don't know the Shu is airtight to make if Ping Huan Ting's adult also participated in into ……"
It is comfortable to smile for a sky, admire in the heart.Although he doesn't know that sun Jyong in Europe is in the Shu national power dint size,the close ear hears Wang Yao Yi many to once bring up Yang Hao and obviously and even is afraid of.Mo Xing Fei one mouthful the way has an accident a feeling key, not the Kui is a positive big officer of two articles.
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