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TOPIC: catch earthworm

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The meeting of sword!"
"?Why?"Chu's maple hurriedly asks.
Matchless way:"Because the wonderful jade is just punished by her teacher to face the wall to feel remorse,, be unable to come,
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"This again is why?"
"Hear because of is intrude into behind mountain forbidden ground!"
"Why does she want to intrude into mountain forbidden ground behind?"
"Be aroused in the insect Feng valley last time post-war,, had no after dust time mountain in the Zhang door internal injury to suddenly deliver,, danger may come any time, wonderful jade in order to save her, intrude into after the mountain made the teacher make moves to mutually save!"
Chu's maple a surprised, take off to ask:"Have no dust what's the matter?"Discover this to ask true surplus again right away, because if have no the dust occupy, can't at 19 fold a valley to appear to help each other himself/herself.
Matchless way:"She is certainly free, however the wonderful jade made family rules!"
Chu's maple knits the brows a way:"Even if the wonderful jade intrudes into forbidden ground, also for saving her, how can she punish wonderful jade?"
Matchless way:"This is the E eyebrow rules, 1,100 in the last yearses, only then the Zhang door can ascend E eyebrow after mountain, even if the wonderful jade is the pupil that has no dust to love deeply most , can not profit oneself, either!"
"Is rascal!"Chu's maple cannots help but scolding a , the dish flew Feng to beside hum a , Chu's maple hurriedly shut up,
2013 Super bowl nfl jerseys, again from the language way:"Face the wall to feel remorse, isn't that very bitter!"
Matchless way:"Is not only bitter, absolutely live to suffer mental agony,!"
"?Why?"Chu's maple urgently asks,
Matchless way:"I hear that the E eyebrow being punished to face the wall being every pupil, all make one person be giving up the body wall in the front of precipice to feel remorse, have no water to drink, and have no to eat for rice,
new era caps online shop, still need to toward mountain wall to read 100 times of 《China is strict through 》 every day."
Chu's maple surprised way:"Have no water to drink,
nfl jerseys china, don't eat for rice,, that ……how does that do?"
"Dig a grass root and strip bark from tree, catch earthworm, also have a scorpion, centipede and spider what edible all to catch to eat.Hear many E eyebrows pupil because can not stand this bitterness, jump a precipice to commit suicide, so that precipice call give up a body precipice!"
Chu's maple is foolish to listen to, unexpectedly believed, mumbling way:"Wonderful jade she …… she how forbid this bitterness ……"
The dish flies Feng a stare Feng eyes:"The somebody else faces the wall to feel remorse and close you what matter?Your hair what foolish!"
Chu's maple only doesn't make a voice, matchless say with smile:"Chu's eldest brother also need not disappointment, even if the wonderful jade doesn't arrive, but the Zhe pretty woman definitely arrive, someone sees her have already gone into Shu!"
Fly Feng immediately cold to Chu maple way:"Hear have no, the Zhe pretty woman came,, you were getting more happy?"
Chu's maple only wry smile, that dare also Zhi voice.
Drinking again is a , matchless the station pulling an orchid return to attic rest and fly Feng and princess to as well arrange into a
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