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Go to for a while."
Go out for a while, nature for the sake of Yan vegetable vegetable, the dollar Min soars to let the servant to Yan vegetable vegetable had Jiao son, then differed bright moon to send Yan in person vegetable the vegetable return to Yan mansion.
Immediately after the life servant enters the temple take best nine flower jadeses a dew the cream and burn medicine add hasty send toward Yan mansion.
Even in,, still keep canning not helping worrying a Yan vegetable vegetable, after the Yan vegetable vegetable walked in a little while, he by himself also secretly of with went to a Yan mansion.
Chapter 161
The suddenly coming back of the Yan vegetable vegetable is still a like this distress shape, pour is make the Yan prime minister start to anticipate don't and.
He even still thinks Yan vegetable vegetable drive dollar the Min soars to beat, in the mind not from angry, spirit of is the daughter whom a dollar Min soars to begin to beat oneself,, angered of is a Yan vegetable the vegetable how can asked for a dollar, the Min soars not happy.
"What is the row, this in broad daylight of be sent back,, throw a person or not,"Den inside, the Yan prime minister is or so to pace, one face face of resentment,
cheap hats,
Wang Shi Yu's surname also at,
Custom NFL Jerseys, Wang Shi loves a daughter and what then have Yan prime minister at with don't dare up to look into the condition of the injury of the Yan vegetable vegetable, it is a Yu surname to pour, after Li Shi went to, the position in this home is by leap and bounds, it may be said one person on myriad people under, the other people don't dare to more place a beak at the Yan prime minister in front, she pours to still have this courage to say 12.
"Master,, the kid's face is important, this all had bubble, if this face son ruined, that can no trivial matter."
Yan prime minister through once the Yu surname remind and also have urgently:"Yes, this face if ruin, afraid of this Min Wang Fu,
cheap hats, is to return to all return not to go, and bearer and please doctor."
Wang Shi breath a sigh of relief and throws to appreciate one eye toward the Yu surname, the Yu surname comforts a to smile to Wang Shi and rows with the lip-language ratio:"Do not worry,"
Yu surname of so will make moves to help Yan vegetable vegetable, the very great reason is a Yan vegetable the vegetable eat or not at Wang Fu open, also have an advantage to their Yu surname one vein, the later Yang Yan is plain vegetable matter son, Yan vegetable vegetable again go to Min Wang Ye or emperor that enter offer suggestion, that be not convenience.
Secondly be because the matter of hero field, she knows a Yan vegetable the vegetable traverses Feng to contend for returning to many faces for Yan, so to Yan vegetable the vegetable be also regarded as a heart bosom to appreciate.
Furthermore is a Yan Ling Feng seem to be usually to bring up this younger sister in front of her and see appearance brother and sister's feelings rather deeply and love a house of, Yu surname also sincerely of pair of Yan vegetable the vegetable be lesser half the daughter look.
The Yan vegetable vegetable goes home like this at present, she loves to cannot compare with Wang Shi, but also feels pity on.
The burn on the Yan plain vegetable face, not quite serious, with, she pulled the servant girl that wants to call in and cure too much,, way:"I from
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