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, Are you to have already walked, how still here?Absolute being boundary really not play, so you had already come back to contend for site with me, be not, it is said that that the absolute being boundary is very free, and then has various delicious dessert, you don't thoroughly have fun in the absolute being boundary and why come back to seek me unlucky, is still an eldest brother you were brokenhearted in the absolute being boundary, so come back to seek my this younger brother to cry about,, H'm, ha ha ha ……I say be, eldest brother, need not polite,, we two who heel who, you cry, I can't smile yours, ha ha ……"
"Shut, mouth."If one word one word slowly say:"Change,
Wholesale NFL Jerseys, become, you, original, , of, kind, son, to, she, offend, shot."Finish saying these, immediately the complexion solemn and peacefully stares at Wan Qing,, don't see foot man's one eye any further.
Finish listenning to these words, man's seeming to be greatly is fought of appearance, connect to back several steps, the heart is windy and rainy hand Wu miserably and miserably of artificial tears way:"Eldest brother, you how can so to the somebody else?This is to maltreat, completely naked of maltreatment, protest against, I want a protest!"Complaining in the man isn't only, however action but is not slow either, the words sound didn't fall and had already become an aureate a head of fairy maiden dragon, the brilliant magnificent double of wings held thunderbolt of the power shout of fly toward the air to, scarlet of long the beak don't hestitate of being like and being changing the Wan Qing Zhuo of body go.
The gold color fairy maiden dragon looking at right against the face is a burst of to angry in the heart of Wan Qing, think she in normal times to Joe Ji although it is said not ascend very good, can also have no how the Hao angered her,
wholesale mlb hats, how ask for come doesn't she account the whole attacks,!However think more not beneficial at the moment, looking at that to right against the face rush toward of long beak, the Wan Qing is more angry, falsely a tiger to fall even sun at this moment drive dog deceit, incredibly fall be bullied by an infinitesimal mole cricket and ant of situation,, really can annoy!
Is abashed angered the Wan Qing handing over to add fiercely raise lance and keep the next Han of shot fairy maiden dragon, the place led by sword blade, cold idea to the bone, in the air small water bead in succession Ning but crash down, the ground of Dong Dong falls on the ground, a short moment after eliminate and melt for water.
41, 41 has a female to decline for the sky(two)
Fairy maiden the agile of Long Chen Yuan wears wing, if Huang Die Bo once flew from her top of head.One shot isn't medium, she on the contrary calms down,, an after beautifully returning sting, sinking into of a few gorgeous rhombus chest scale jingles.The Wan Qing is used a left hand to lightly wipe out to fall the blood drop on the sum, the light sulphur flavor fills the air up in the air, slightly wrinkly next eyebrows, this kind of flavor dirtily makes her think of a born old enemy and is born in that flame of enemy-shallow bathe, hence attackstone Be getting sharper more.
She is original is one is fight but living of woman,, the sternly cool an unmoved woman is to suit combat more than the man,
Authentic Lancel, woman like this is can in a sudden
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