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《The sky carries a sword method 》 is really him by himself create, positive as it does, in seven gentlemans, he is just lined up to arrive the first."
"Seven gentlemans,"
Xiao jade tiny tiny one Leng, at white text the body of the Xuan up swept one eye, spread a sound to ask a way to Wang Xie:"Are all of seven gentlemans those people,"
"What seven gentlemans are mentioned is seven young superiors who are from with of customs, first is what the Kun Lun Zhang door pure dollar speak in the way population.In addition to the white text Xuan and summer cloud not, sign and this,
wholesale authentic cheap jerseys store,, also have the Ze of house, leave a king of three princes and department Ma Yu Lin, Sung house in Hainan's Sung dollar."
"Surprisingly Wang Xiong has a so big name in the self-discipline field and Be getting more disrespectful!"
"This this name is a bit unworthy of name!"
The Xiao jade smells speech tiny tiny on smiling and suddenly sighs a way:"Not the ground of Chiang-Nan Kui is the place of the most prosperous world, the ground of one county unexpectedly appeared three young superiors who spread fame self-discipline field."
"Being not three is 4,
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The text chapter 19 strange sword soul(up)
The fragrance of books house renews time:2012-3-212:01:49 chapter word numbers:3510
"Wang Xiong is also Chiang-Nan person?"
See Xiao jade in the face of surprised, Wang Xie's point nods and spreads a sound to ask a way:"Can the stone elder brother want to know why this so dislikes bald donkey?"
The Xiao jade was tiny to hesitate for a while,, spread a sound time of way:"The wish smells it detailed!"
The place that comes together in those self - disciplines saw one eye,
lancel handbags for sale, Wang Xie slowly of will have the reason of prejudice to the monk to speak out.
Pure state city within sight river city east, is hope a river city east's biggest mansion city.
In 26 year agos, Wang Xie's household although servant and Liu Jia, who can not compare with to rule pure state city, can in the pure state city but also some fame and prestige.
Wang Xie's father likes to knot to make friend at ordinary times,,, the time in Wang Xie's full moon, offer congratulation of the person not only live full Wang Jia's guest room,, even living all of the Inns of green state city is full.
That day, Wang Jia is to exert situation.
However, also on that day, Wang Jia becomes to settle the laughing stock of state city and a little bit nearby towns because of Wang Xie.
Don't know as well because of why cause, Wang Xie at birth of time inside the body imply the most evil Yin spirit.
The ordinary people could not feel the existence of that Yin spirit, but some that respond strong self-discipline of dints can clearly respond that evil ways.
In Wang Xie's full moon of that day of, a monk with true Pu method responded the evil ways in Wang Xie Ti.
That day, be Pu true monk not only and in public there is evil-minded affair in Wang Xie Ti said out, and return Shi Mi Fa led out the evil ways in the body.
The black spirit that sees Wang Xie Shen, in addition to Wang Xie's parents, the owners all believed a true monk of Pu to say
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