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louis vuitton outlet "Called 1 when bearer quickly walked to the Nie handsome Wei after death
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TOPIC: louis vuitton outlet "Called 1 when bearer quickly walked to the Nie handsome Wei after death

louis vuitton outlet "Called 1 when bearer quickly walked to the Nie handsome Wei after death 11 months, 2 weeks ago #50189

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The glory favors,
louis vuitton outlet, he wants to buy bottom, Han Long Be not willing to, for the sake of house according to the for oneself, the harmonious Jian glory plants to harm Han Long by scheming, Han Long Ming loses, Han Long's wife knows husband is be framed up, want to state Yuan for husband, and then worry to bring trouble a young son,, helpless under, have to leave an escapes and from now on has no whereabouts again, while Han Fu also became respectful king don't Yuan ……
The forepaw of person in"ah ……" comes in, nine after the feet calls he!
"You don't ask me he moves where, I don't know!"The words sound didn't fall, one of "bang" in the door closed!
Nine songs shrug shoulders, towarding that already drive the figure for partitioning in the door, say with smile:"Who say where I want to ask your Han Long to move to go?He moves where close me what matter?I again incognizant he!I call you, just want to say a thanks with you just,
Buy Lancel Bags!"Finish saying, turn round, the original road returns and leaves toward the direction of Inn!
Chapter 47 soup of closed door
After Nie interest Kang handed over to the Nie handsome Wei research heartless fairy sword, in addition to hading a meal sleeping, Nie handsome Wei everyday surplus of time all used to heartless fairy sword of Dao drum, however, no matter how he try, heartless fairy sword always never sheath!
This day, Nie handsome Wei seat ground wall but sit, resist the blood sword is alongside of with heartless fairy sword to by the wall put,, Nie the vision of the handsome Wei always goes back and forth on two a double-edged swords!
Don't realize mistake how long, the door of secret room opened from the outside, a person immediately walked to come in, due to being a chow time at this time Nie handsome Wei way is next person give he to send rice, then didn't care, still continuously look at two at present swords!
"Handsome Wei!"Called 1 when bearer quickly walked to the Nie handsome Wei after death!
The Nie handsome Wei is a Luo country villa wood's little Chuang lord, the identity is naturally highly respectable, at Luo country villa wood inside dare to keep shouting his Hui, certainly only have a Chuang lord Nie interest Kang!
Smell speech, the Nie handsome Wei hurriedly starts,
lancel bags paris, person looking at after death, respectully salute:"Adopted father!"
Nie interest the Kang is tiny tiny on smiling, way:"Need not be over-courteous!"Finish saying, heartless fairy sword took aim an eye to by the wall stand, don't say again what,, turn round to flick dress to sit down!
"Adopted father occupies and hands over to need child?"The Nie handsome Wei asks.
The Nie interest Kang has a little surprise of saw handsome Wei of Nie one eye, soon again resumed the air at first, order, way:"Is quite good, I want you to go to a pure lotus and help!"
"Does the pure lotus help?"The Nie handsome Wei has a little an accident!
The Nie interest Kang starts and pickeds up to resist blood sword and hand over a handsome Wei hand of Nie inside, way:"The hall teaches this time publicly challenge a pure lotus to help, hear for the sake of unique feeling absolute being sword, although this news isn't absolute dependable, several cents can
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