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TOPIC: can it surrenders of absolutely is a sage.Otherwise

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 Original Han Ling Feng doesn't believe that a different machine will automatically recognize a lord,, which afraid is work properly an article difference machine, have already conceived oneself of'work properly to know', don't understand person's words as well, will the inborn anti-ly does a some action and attack of self - defenseses.
Can understand person's words, only spread out'the machine work properly'of miraculous difference machine because'the machine works properly'not only own'work properly to know', also own the intelligence that be no lower than the mankind, is also the amount of remarkable talent that can use an oneself to coagulate true body of an energy to carry on combat.
Attain a miraculous difference machine that waits layer, can it surrenders of absolutely is a sage.Otherwise, only anti- drive miraculous difference machine to surrender.So, working properly an article difference the machine doesn't understand person's words.
Therefore, after seeing ancient burning to speak this sentence,, Han Ling Feng not from smile.
But, his smiling face is at under a moment Jia however the Jiang lived.And,, he stares a your book double to see at present this act, the old side permits ascend 1-can not believe of unbearable of surprised shout 1:"This ……this how may?"
It, thou burning but is 1-a silk of smile.
For this 【bright empty wing in the sky 】,, he likes very much.Just of although the variety makes him very surprised, but also experiences Be work properly an article difference machine of extraordinary.Since work properly an article difference the machine can have ego of'work properly to know', can the feeling know outside variety and know to escape.
Wholesale NFL Jerseys, if does oneself make it recognize a lord?Meeting can't anti- sort of come to recognize a lord,
Thou burning embrace this guess, even BE'crazy idea'call that'recognize lord'.Originally doing not hope will succeed, can call after, that is bright empty wing in the sky incredibly and really have no again escape,, on the contrary and afloat come over
This a moment not only Han Ling Feng is shocked, ancient burning oneself also feel unimaginable.But bottom a moment, in the heart immediately 1-is happy,
gucci handbag sale, unbearable of the cachinnation is 1.
"Ha ha, start recognizing lord" thou burning long smile, the palm directly held tight this red gold-of m-your wing.
"Chi Chi"
Immediately, hold tight in his palm bright get empty wing in the sky of that is for an instant.At this bright empty wing in the sky on,
handbags gucci, explode together astonishing red gold flame, directly follow his right hand arm, will it whole body give cover with.
cheap lv handbag, this flame looks like terror, but the thou blaze could not feel the slightest of pain-suffering.Only only wrist up appear slightly piercing, a drop of blood slowly floats to fly from the skin but,
vintage gucci handbags, finally integrate into a hand of bright empty wing in the sky on.
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