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TOPIC: after being Ruan house in Chiang-Nan

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Wear front not the distance put the rickets the old of fruit stand pass by.Way:"Stand lord, how will the stanza have pomegranate at this time?But white Ma Si's pomegranate?"Is a pomegranate, red Ling once listens to and had never seen this green red and tactful fruit.
The stand lord is 16 a period of 10 days olds, low back rickets, the dress Shan is broken-down, smell speech one title, all over the face dirty mark behind can not hold up against a pair of Jing long grasses four shoot of Mou son, return to way:"Is exactly white Ma Si's pomegranate, this is the cellar in last year to save, selling just this seasonal changes can sell a good price."
Originally the white grows many pomegranate trees in Ma Si,,, white Ma Si's pomegranate at man Wei's period once praised full city teacher.The pomegranate was produced to(now Iran) to rest peacefully at first and streamed into China together with Buddhist sutra, statue of Buddha in the Han Dynasty, and in the Luo sun and Chang-an etc. at that time and mostly would radicate.White Ma Si's pomegranate had the parlance of "white Ma Tian Liu, one net value cow" at that time, it is thus clear that the value wasn't thin.
"Since is white Ma Si's pomegranate, you again are how to take off?"The red Ling curiously asks.
The old noodles permits one Su, way:"The fruit of world doesn't have small old son could not take off."
"Ha, well big of tone, with you."The red Ling sees the half dead of old man one vice- trivial rickets human shape, the noodles takes letter not.
White Xiao God's way:"Ling son, what do you understand?Even if is the Pan peach of that Buddhist paradise precious jade Chih-Shang, nine arm fairy the ape can also take off him several."
The rickets the old smells the speech frightened, the favour up and down conjectures to wear rain hat, expose chin of white Xiao sky, stammer way:" Is ……white ……white big Xia, I say that listenning to an ear is familiar, really is ……is that you are old?"
White Xiao sky rain hat just a little on lifting, way:"How,
eluxury handbags, Ji Yuan the elder brother disappear for 20 years and then was some the white to forget?"
The Ji Yuan immediately starts, dynasty white Xiao the sky embrace a boxing:"White big Xia, can want that dying is worthless old man, please into my simple home quickly a gather."Also could not considered of a pomegranate stand, urgently and urgently fore lead the way.Red Ling a start to grasp pomegranate to greatly chew and follow 2 people to wear street to lead a lane,
cheap hats.Arrive at one ash brick soil wall while being different of ragged four match a hospital.Entered a positive hall, but didn't expect the table of ten duos inside the house clearly several clean, tidy.The necessary guest and host exchanges greeting and shows tea.The Ji Yuan points at red Ling to smile to ask:"This is the daughter of white big Xia?"
White Xiao sky:"Ha ha, worthless old man which have a so good luck, she is a red inferior Tu Ling,, after being Ruan house in Chiang-Nan, these year rhymes are pure solitary lonesome, have been wanting my generation, she accepts a female Tu, afterwards I see her intelligence not vulgar and then accept her as Tu."
The way of Ji Yuan:"That white big Xia have been having no behind?"
The white Xiao sky sighs a way:"You also knew a rhyme pure disease and didn't recover from illness as well up to now.However, luckily your old elder brother gave helping handed in those early years, the disease also at last cured to like one greater half,
Louis Vuitton 2013 Spring Summer.Think of, also need to thank you
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