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new louis vuitton time lower the head into suddenly stopped for a while
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TOPIC: new louis vuitton time lower the head into suddenly stopped for a while

new louis vuitton time lower the head into suddenly stopped for a while 11 months, 2 weeks ago #41357

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Walked to come over, the Du breeze faced to come forward and embraced a boxing to say with smile:"The Du breeze once sees two eldest brothers, this went to emperors all a long distance,, the younger brother prepares to wish two eldest brother bon voyages."
The square ambition smiles useful dint to clap the shoulder of Du breeze,, way:"Ha ha,,!Accepted the Du breeze brothers Ji to talk, with Du breeze brothers acquaint with soon, but very get along well,, today a don't still really have some to loathe to give up."
"The younger brother also loathes to give up two eldest brothers."Du breeze way.
"I still owe you wine."The He connects Wu Lian up peep out the color of regret, ask Du breeze to drink after saying to destroy completely to concuss cloud mountain a robber of, haven't cashed till now, he again positive color way:"In the days to come come to emperors all, I definitely invite you to drink."
"That agrees verbally so,
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, emperor all I will definitely go,"The Du breeze says with smile, eyes inside ray of light flicker, the Yuan month city is always too small, he is that has high ambition to of person, need larger satge.
"Ha ha!"3 people with one voice cachinnation, fill the air the friendship of the decorous man's in the laughter.
There Lin Zhi Jing and Lin Hao Ran's younger brother Jies arrived at fine wagon of Luo Yuan side, and the Luo Yuan Be fine to visit to say goodbye one by one, Lin Hao Ran particularly doesn't give up, he to Luo Yuan fine feeling root deep kind, this doesn't be separated to count a long distance, don't know when see again, the Luo Yuan is most important fine wedding day nearly, Lin Hao Ran's mood abnormality heavy.
"The Yuan is fine, today you my sister a do not,
, not know when see again, go to emperors all journey and is faraway, want to take care of health more on the road,

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,"Lin Zhi Jing's way, the tone is some to sob.
"Yuan fine elder sister, can you not walk?I loathe to give up you."Lin Hao Ran's eye wildly flushes, bad cry a nose.
The Luo Yuan is fine to looking at 2 people, in the heart is also very don't give up,

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, she is strong to say with smile:"See two sad appearances of your younger brother Jie,,

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,, good elephant we distinguish and then can't see again similar, although the emperors are all faraway, we can still see again of, missed me to come right away emperors to all seek me,
Louis Vuitton Monogram Denim, I will definitely take you to all play in the emperors fully enjoy,
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"Like, have an opportunity us will definitely go to emperors and all seek yours."Lin Zhi Jing's way.
"The Yuan is fine, time about, start on journey."Wagon inside Lu Shi's voice spread out,
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On listenning to this words, the Luo Yuan is fine just still strong the face smiling up drip tear falls water, don't give up of looking at Lin Zhi Jing and Lin Hao Ran, but all what rubbish can not say it, she uncovers the door screen of wagon, time lower the head into suddenly stopped for a while, turned head to Lin Hao Ran's way:"Hao Ran, my etc,
Cheap NFL jerseys store. you."
Sorrow not already of Lin Hao Ran suddenly be like hear the sound of sounds of nature, appear the color of surprise on the face, treat when he responds to come over, the Luo Yuan is fine to have already entered into in the wagon, Lin Hao Ran happily dances and stamps and pull Lin Zhi Jing silly smile not already, Zhi Jing looking at a happy younger brother and also from the heartly feels joy, never so,

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, he has already got Luo Yuan
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