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  • anmbavas3rq
The blue Xin says,,,
Listenned to to leave blue Xin of idea of brush-off within wave don't declare, just calmly say:"I accompany you to go together."
Say let go of to embrace the hands of leaving the wave,
cheap custom nfl jerseys, pulled to leave the hand of wave to say:"Anyway, I will with at your after death."
Being pulled by the blue Xin and listenning to the words of blue Xin and leaving a wave to again sigh is a , no longer say what,

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wholesale authentic cheap jerseys store,, walk toward the front to,
louis vuitton denim bags, see toward the front and walk blue Xin also tightly and be after death leaving a wave, seem fear and leave a wave a carelessly disappeared generally.
From leave according to lotus of direction all the way ex- go, first reflect go into leave wave and blue Xin eyelid are a Zao Ze of brown,

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, has been left the size of the Ze of the judgment Zao of wave to contain or so five meterses,,

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, and the surroundings didn't be able to run about of road, is also say 2 oneselfs in nowadays in addition to fly to have no choice.
"Blue Xin, I am starting."Leave a wave to become overdo to see say to the blue Xin,

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."The blue Xin ordered to nod and pulled to leave the hand of wave to release and again and tightly embraced the body of leaving the wave.
"The wing of depravity!"
Four wings of blood-red colors from leave an after death launching of the wave,,, four wings vibrate at the same time and took to leave wave and the body of blue Xin to fly and obviously left a wave not to acquaint with these four wings later on and made two the speed going before the people have a little slow-moving, however four wings or take to leave a spending of wave and blue Xin safety, that Zao Ze.
When 2 people just fell to the ground and left a wave a hand held tight blue Xin, the body fiercely opened to the flank side, but this time at the right moment two feather arrowses from left a wave just the position stood to shoot to pass by.
Two feather arrowses flew in the past left a wave don't come to a stop,
, a hand embraces blue Xin,, the double feet make an effort at the same time and left current ambulation speed of wave to unexpectedly compare it with fatty and fight before and quickly 100%.
However the speed being even if such leaves the body of wave up still keep putting three feather arrowses.
"What person?"Leave a wave to shout at top of voice.
Leaving the wave can have no the sharp felling of blue Xin,, have been being placed in passive status and still don't know that the existence of the other party lets to leave a wave to feel unusually angry.
"The depravity of blood re-appears, the desire boundary dispute will rise."A old voice streamed in to say in the ear of leaving the wave.
"Who?"Leave although did the wave hear orotund, but have been canning not find the other party where,

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The blue Xin suddenly put own hand to leave a wave and embrace in her left hand and left a wave and in a twinkling and then felt that the circumferential thing starts pulling and stretches, a few shallow thin figures then appear later on at leave eyes of the wave in.
"The wave averts from them to leave here, they are the spirit guardant's souls,,
Louis Vuitton Monogram Purses, just guard here just, be not have hostility to you."Blue Xin's seeming to be afraid to leave a wave will open rule against killing, so give to leave a wave explanation way.
Leave a wave to see toward the blue Xin order nod, back of four wings is again
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