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TOPIC: A month of after time

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The dynasty got up sun, the Xiao jade sighed an one breath and started into two Xia passes to go.
In a next world, the Xiao jade trains a soldier kick war in the wharf in the daytime, in the evening first the degree turn a ghost, then with degree the hatred that turn the wish dint that the ghost gets to dissolve clinging soul of Xiao.
Be like Xiao great for sky say so, the wish dint of the Xiao jade really can dissolve clinging soul of Xiao of hatred, however, the speed dissolving is the slowest.
The ghost that Xia Yu collects for Xiao jade has nearly 700,000, but, this nearly 700,000 ghosts bring the wish dint of Xiao jade but have no an ability Xiao the hatred of the clinging soul to dissolve clean.
A month of after time, Xiao clinging soul of although the blood light disappeared, but according to Xiao the sky is great speak, Xiao hatred of the clinging soul dissolved a half.
The sky of the Xiao is great this didn't hope Xiao jade will in the very short world Xiao the hatred of the clinging soul dissolve clean, hence, say in the Xiao jade he temporarily have no way get too many wish dint to dissolve Xiao the hatred on the clinging body of, the Xiao sky is great also didn't force the Xiao jade think a way quickly.
Come from Xiao the great pressure temporarily disappeared for sky, the Xiao jade put energy at strike against to fly in the void ferry station on.
The timber is ample, the artisan is also ample, time that led for a month, the wharf of two Xia passes stops full war ship.
These with the war ship created by general timber can not be used come at torrent current river last kick battle, but can use to be training the ability that the soldier fights on board in the war.
After a month of training, two Xias close inside of 30,000 crack troopses already basic control at fight the ship is on the method for fighting with enemy.
Fly in the void guarding of ferry station the soldier have 50,000, hence, Xiao jade and then each from the town in the pass house, western wild city 20,000 crack troopses come over.
Again after a month, two Xias close the war ship of wharf again many some, the Xiao jade adjusted from the town in the pass house, western wild city of 40,000 crack troopses also all controled the method that fights with enemy on board in the war.
From time to mid- October, the flood season of torrent current river passed by, the Xiao jade also worked well to strike against the preparation of flying in the void the ferry station.
After getting there from Xia Yu and doing not adjust the soldier's action toward the dollar Ji, Xiao jade the morning bottom reached to take the offensive the order of flying in the void the ferry station on the second day.
After saying some kind of words for boosting morale, the Xiao jade takes with Wu Tian Xiao 100 blood tiger the Wei ascended to first leave the war ship of two Xia pass wharves on.
Although torrent current river's water current is very hasty, but the war ship of Xiao jade place is keep straightly toward the opposite of fly in the void ferry station to drive.
The war ship of Xiao jade place just wharf, close behind had the second war ship to drive from the wharf, of two war ships only hadn't arrive three Zhangs of distance.
To as long as 23 war ship of Zhangs, the distance of three Zhangs basically doesn't calculate what.
From a distance see go, that
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