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TOPIC: so the whole this part of persons personnel powers all in your hand​m/ so the whole this part of persons personnel powers all in your hand 11 months, 2 weeks ago #41163

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. This will be a traditional hospital,, star Rui's controling the will of basically don't probably get a reflection,, The city hall isn't likely to support a city to establish two so super large hospital items at the same time, know according to this, the star Rui controled to temporarily give up a new city to lately set up the plan of hospital,
louis vuitton outlet locations. ...... Leads very quickly for a week, just received easily green news here, cloud north this place received an end valuation report. According to the valuation, cloud north province four people the property total amount of the hospital is CNY 613,540,000.Looking at this amount of money, square circle still wrinkly knit the brows, how can so high?Incredibly are the immaterial assetses all worth of CNY 95,,400,000? According to the viewpoint of square circle, fourth people's so much basically unworthy money in the hospital,
louis vuitton purses.However there is also no way, pay one more point of 1:00. "BE smaller than, you are responsible for carrying on a modification according to this amount of money.In a short while I and connect an old formally deliver to a project to them."The square circle sighed to at a stretch say. "Okay, the square is total."In bright should 1. The projects all have already got ready and only re- revise at the amount of money place position for a while just. Take to revise a good project, square circle and connect an old found out fourth people hospital of director Chen, arrive to the related personnel of health hall in the still having of the hospital and bureau public health at the same time. "The square is total, our bureau public health has already talked over the problem that the personnel draws uped, our opinions are all drawing up of personnels to temporarily adjust other hospitals, all return to hire to arrive again fourth people the hospital use, the personnel's management still keeps being you, however we request to have the right to employ direct."The person of bureau public health turns over to looking at a project to say, "What, bureau chief Han, this not to, what call the right of employing the direct."Square circle not dry. This right is getting more misty too much. "This......Be, if you think that returning to hire a personnel to be unsuited to is proper,
handbags louis vuitton, is no longer carries on returning to hire, we need to own power of arbitrament."Director Chen a little bit swallows to vomit. "That is to not is to think so, you ask all of us to return to hire, then don't give again the right that our personnel's cancel returns to hire, so the whole this part of persons personnel powers all in your hand, I can think so,
handbags wholesale."The square circle lightly asks a way. "Being quite good is such, we this is public hospital,,
louis vuitton chicago, hope square total
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