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, Wreak havoc non- degree very hot fire have to temporarily vacate a crevice, either,
The agriculture horse opportunity knocks but once and quickly flew a body to rush toward to go out.Just fell to the ground in his body, drive very hot fire wreak havoc of house any further through can not stand, bomb however tumble down down.
The agriculture horse has a lingering fear, house turned head to looking at to tumble down, know that Chen Kou's husband and wife have already been been buried to fire sea in.
"Is younger brother Shi, his break out of came."Agriculture horse just a station started, right against the face saw seedling sweetly take in three hands several to open widely leaf, filled red lake water in leaf, just sprinkled incoming red liquid, is exactly what they used these leaf Shao water sprinkled come in.
The handicraft of special article one Ruan autumn chapter
The Ruan autumn chapter:"How to haven't cooked a meal now?These two little devils run where go to?"
Agriculture stable.
Agriculture horse:"Teacher, I was subjected to cold......"
Zhang Xiao dew room.
Zhang Xiao's dew:"Teacher,, I was also subjected to cold,"
The Ruan autumn chapter:"It is really a mess,, got sick not to eat not to become.Is all right, have never begun to cook for more than 10 years,
MLB baseball jerseys, display handicraft to let today they a satisfied take orally,"
On alternate days.
The Ruan autumn chapter:"How to don't cook a meal again, does your disease didn't°yet be good?"
Agriculture horse, Zhang Xiao's dew:"Teacher......We pulled belly for one night......"
The Ruan autumn chapter:"......"
Special article two wolves and the Ruan autumn chapter
Wolf:"The Ao blares Ao to blare(delicious.I want to eat you),"
The Ruan autumn chapter:"Wolf skin?It is quite good,, can sell a good price."
Wolf:"The Ao blares Ao to blare(the regrettable old man meat is a little bit little.),"
The Ruan autumn chapter:"Unfortunately only have a ."
Wolf:"The Ao blares Ao to blare(old man's seeming is frightenned even run to all forget)......"
The Ruan autumn chapter:"The small wolf never run."
Wolf:"The Ao blares Ao to blare(meet me old wolf to you are unlucky)......"
The Ruan autumn chapter:"Meet my grass fairy to calculate you short life."
Wolf:"The Ao blares Ao to blare(ate you)......"
The Ruan autumn chapter:"Money came to hand,
custom NFL Jerseys......"
Special article three Ruan autumn chapters drink coffee
Distance ten thousand living:"Uncle Qiu, this is the western afternoon tea."
The Ruan autumn chapter:"I know being not brown tea."
Distance ten thousand living:"......Uncle Qiu, this tea must go together with milk to drink,"
The Ruan autumn chapter:"I
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