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TOPIC: he knows to listen to breeze always seldom descend mountain

http://youth-baseball-bats-who​ he knows to listen to breeze always seldom descend mountain 11 months, 2 weeks ago #40804

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Held to kiss to above on one's own initiative Kun, four lipses connect, 2 people emphatically suck to absorb each other, imitating the Buddha has to integrate into the other party completely his/her own body is general, wonderful felling impact wear 2 people's whole body, the tongue hands over to tie up, the spirit of that world continuously flows out inside the Kun body toward the square go into, and then again spread to inside the body of beam small cloud through a tongue, continuously moisten him, very long, 2 people lips cent, beam small cloud the full face be suffused with red look at square Kun, tiny Qi cherry lips firmly way:"Elder brother, I love you, this felling is really beautiful."Finish saying and bashfully cover up Qiao face in his bosom.
"Small cloud, I also love you, I can't leave yours, believe me good?I don't want to conceal you what, I really ain't the common run of people, you slowly will know."Full face sincere tunnel.
Beam small cloud makes an effort a location to nod in the square's Kun bosom, way:"Elder brother, I believe you."
Like this and very in a short while, beam small cloud imitated a Buddha to do what decide, lift the Qiao face of rising the redly beautiful desire drop to say:"Elder brother, you, you tonight stay good?"She hopes chase she earlier give square Kun, make him can not let go her so much, in fact in night club in the Hao door of that day of she intends to pay she preciously for the first time, just have never thought square the Kun will unselfishly help her, make her able to leave this most preciously for the first time the lover is to she, now then sky she doesn't think again have reservation to oneself's lover, hope to dedicate to the other party.
"E, " head of Nao Nao looking at small cloud some frighten into inaction, he has never thought introverted reserved small cloud today will become so direct, understand she be worried that she will let go of her and hold close her way more:"Small cloud, I can't definitely leave yours, I how willing to give up?We are still a lot of future time, need not so worried, good?"
"Not, elder brother, I think to you today and promise me good?"The tone of beam small cloud is some uneasy.
At square the Kun is still just some not how know to reply the time of beam small cloud, feel the necklace of neck, is also he at under the mountain before listen to the breeze spread a burst of tiny heat for his cloud breeze token of promise and listen to breeze at give him necklace of time once told him this is the responding of of pupils of same master token of promise, explain cloud middleman in the door at he surroundings of 100 kilometer scopes inside is giving him summons, not from secretly thought of, "meeting is who seek me?"The favour is known to explore into a necklace with the absolute being.
"Little younger brother Shi, I am two seniors, I now at little cloud foot of a hill next arbor, if the convenience pleases at half of two-hour period inside come to meet with me."BE listen to the breeze pass a necklace to his summons, he knows to listen to breeze always seldom descend mountain, this time come down definitely have an important matter, so use to listen to a breeze induction him right away
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