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louis vuitton lockit bag mood very dulcify ground to sit last go home of bus.
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TOPIC: louis vuitton lockit bag mood very dulcify ground to sit last go home of bus.

louis vuitton lockit bag mood very dulcify ground to sit last go home of bus. 11 months, 2 weeks ago #40239

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Gun card and provide with a gun to pay of, this Gao of the safe coefficient that make Chu Hao have to feel deeply about here, and Chu Hao is also curious about at the same time the true guns that once saw in the novel or the television exactly is what shape.
After turning probably and there being half for hour, Zhao Feng finally was also to stop down, said to Chu Hao:"I who should say have already said 7788, now small Hao you go to Wei room in the door and there check in."
"Yes, elder brother Feng,
louis vuitton lockit bag."After taking leave with Zhao Feng, immediately after Chu Hao is then whole the whole uniform for being dressed in, Wei room in the facing door walks to.
Is definite like what Zhao Feng says so,, the work in Wei room in the door is very easy, even still pretty comfortable of, nothing but be check all persons' identities for passing in and out just, with previous Chu Hao ragpicker the day is absolutely an an underground in sky.And Chu Hao's getting along with other colleagues is still fairly good.
Very and easily complete work for a day, Chu Hao this just hum small song, mood very dulcify ground to sit last go home of bus.
At return to of on the way, Chu Hao still didn't forget to by the way run a market and again bought one to live a chicken.Although putting out the rat can already bring Chu Hao than this more experience,Chu Hao don't want to give up experience in this 5:00 as well, after all Chu Hao also thinks getting stripe of breakfast.
Will buy tonight of after the chicken kill,, Chu Hao current experience also became 36/100.Once have a meal, took a rest a short while, after waiting until the color of the sky to thoroughly get dark, Chu Hao then and again took together tool and carried on this to put out a rat activity.
Putting out rat is taking the so simple tool exclusively seeks a rat troublesome, Chu Hao is also regarded as the first, and this is still a very lifeless affair, sometimes quietly hide is ten several 20 minutes at one side, for of is the meal used oneself to eat to remain to go to rat derivation,
eluxury handbags.
Luckily what to do this matter is Chu Hao, if the words that change another person, the terror will be depressed to throw up blood.This and Chu Hao before while collecting litter the patience toughenned is also not irrelative,, after all want among a lot of garbages choose the thing that a value orders money, impatient how to go.
Lived favour again effort of greater half night, Chu Hao this just takes whole body of exhausted returned to own nest inside, and Chu Hao's experience also became 52/100 at this time, at this has already come to a half of experience values, Chu Hao is to feel extremely happy, connect to thus and lifelessly put out a rat work to also allow Chu Hao to feel the will to fight rise Yang.If not that the words that want to go to work tomorrow estimate that the rat that Chu Haos all intend with this old building inside decisive battle it is dawn!
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