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Username Password: Remember me the huge Gang wave faces a square the attack of the Kun is since then ……
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TOPIC: the huge Gang wave faces a square the attack of the Kun is since then ……

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Tunic person crazy shot but go ……
" Must be good, have a little power, the blood dance ice seals!"
Black tunic rock, the huge Gang wave faces a square the attack of the Kun is since then ……
2 people after bumping shot unexpectedly is to make odds even, Yu Fei Tian full face of dare not believe, he didn't believe the black tunic person's real strenght unexpectedly thus violent, the heart letting go of started lifting again, the condition of the injury on the body has already been forgotten by him!
"The celestial spirits comes down to earth!"The square Kun drinks a way.
"The Xuan wave pole book!"The black tunic person wards off.
"The limitless crazy absolute being dances!"
"Kill to break wolf!"
"The 1000 F cloud wave in sky!"
"Fold for a sky, the Nu is surging!"
The Kun of the square and black tunic person come I go toward beat difficult solution difficult cent, the whole valley drive 2 people bump the aftermath of shot creation earthquake expand breadth about ten kilometers of scope, quite a few Tashan shakes desire to pour and beat is very horrifying!
"The old guy is died!A bolt from the blue!"
"Hey, I didn't accompany you to play, fresh breeze ten thousand insides!"
Need the strong attack of the Kun of square to send out of, the black tunic person has already escaped 100 inside outside!
The square's Kun facial expression is metal gray, turn a head to the Yu Fei Tian way:"Yu castellan, can you be O.K.?"
Yu Fei Tian hurriedly way:"Have no a matter Be all right, elder generation, that ……"
The square Kun nods, way:"Yu castellan, that you at such kind of I, I take back a wood dollar."
Yu Fei Tian the full face is anxious, however is a polite tunnel:"There is Lao elder generation."
The square Kun no longer realizes Yu Fei Tian, direction escape toward the black tunic person, in a twinkling make track for to go out ……
Is just a to move in a sudden, square the Kun appear at black tunic human face before, stretch hand a to flick, that black tunic person unexpectedly drive square the Kun received space in!
Space in.
The Ni month heart a hold tight the arm of the Kun of square, excitedly wave, way:"The eldest brother of the square, too have fun, ha ha!I play be like?"However right away once the facial expression change and set up for a not happy way:"However afterwards and not play, square did the eldest brother how catch up me all of a sudden."
The originally black tunic person is the Ni month heart attire, the super absolute being monster of six class demon saint classes exceeded the state of one class evil emperor and plused a square Kun refining of eight absolute being machines, knocked down the bodyguard of two nine classes evil Class with the hand, received wood dollar to keep thing bracelet in.No wonder that the square Kun didn't express a shocked appearance at that time, certainly, afterwards putting together of 2 people all of Dous were squares Kun intentionally manufacturing come out of effect, otherwise which probably put together like this circumstance!Those recruits type are also all 2 people confused plait of, they don't say to have who know
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