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lancel online shop and then isn't own brothers to have an accident
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TOPIC: lancel online shop and then isn't own brothers to have an accident

lancel online shop and then isn't own brothers to have an accident 11 months, 2 weeks ago #40133

  • yjjy20gzejuq
Is a sting bone needle needle to see blood, it is Chen Qi to suppress artillery to shut up not to lift the business that the artillery employs Chen Qi,
lancel online shop,, but say, so the artillery would leave.The provocation leaves,
NFL Jerseys From China, this idiom is greatly flown to use thoroughly!
Chen Qi certainly understands to greatly fly this going of words inside a line of way way, but sets up for what didn't listen to out of appearance, cool way:"Fly an elder brother to so late come here ain't for saying these useless talks for me?"He doesn't want to answer criticism, is still that sentence, he wants see the artillery can actually tolerate to him what situation, or, his exploitation value exactly have much high.
"That pours be not!"Greatly fly noodles the top is a bit embarrassed, turned a head to see that powder boy one eye, way:"Just my a younger brother is without cause beaten here at you, I want to ask Chen Ge, can give me an explaination and also make me like to the brotherses give an account for a while!"
"Without cause pour to talk not up, he why be beaten, his in the mind should be very clear.If she is flying elder brother's in front to still say to is a without cause, that flies an elder brother, your this younger brother to you how can be not honest, to the younger brother like this, you still need what give an account?"Chen Qi Dun for a while, connect a way:"And, we work on our sites, need to fly an elder brother,
Louis Vuitton Fashion Purses, do you give an account?If fly an elder brother to want to give an account, that waits which day 39 degrees became to fly your site of elder brother, you again come over to ask me, don't say an explaination, ten 100 I give you!"
Chen Qi's answer is really too overbearing, connect greatly flew those people of back to also cannot help but a disturbance to get up, and greatly flew complexion is also fiercely on changing, the dead dead stares at to stand Chen Qi in oneself's in front, hands grip,, seem to will make moves at any time.
This place Huang Mao Dai more than 30 persons also the not resigned to playing second fiddle ground time stare in the past, was just tidied up once them by Chen Qi to know it in heart:This time if stand again wrong brigade, that later true of need not again mix!So, their facial expressions are more and more ferocious, look seem to will bite the hungry wolf of person's one mouthful at any time, all be suffused with Yin in the look in the eyes cold.
Originally wanted to trample to have a little in greatly flying of a son heart have no bottom, the look in the eyes of Chen Qi's backses those Du sons makes him have some be afraid, beyond all doubt, if open a dozen, these people affirm more more fierce than wolf.But oneself this place, although come to 3410 brotherses,, just all don't know for a with joint signatures words of enrich 2 to seek a son, and then isn't own brothers to have an accident, affirmation of vehemence all first weak penny, and Chen Qi just that skill, greatly fly and suddenly discover that oneself really was too reckless tonight!
He thinks that the public securities that Chen Qi can hardly transfer 39 degrees mix son, can result he is getting wronger, Chen Qi isn't
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